Monday, January 7, 2008

Forging ahead

Being it is a new year and everyone is into new year's resolutions, I guess I will put mine into motion. Not that I specifically make them, but I guess putting them in print makes them kinda real. One thing I decided to do this year was start my leather crafting business seriously. I have dabbled and made some projects for family and myself, but I really am gonna make and sell my wares this year. With that in mind, I went on a cleaning streak yesterday and prepared myself a studio. We have a loft room in the back of the house upstairs that was good for collecting junk wherever it landed. I decided for winter this was a good place to have my little studio. The room has two big windows for light and a bathroom nearby so no reason I cannot spend my days happily tooling away. I still am in the process of finding a job as well so things look busy this year.
Harley has a little set back in going off to boot camp, looks like Feb 1st will be his time. One of the trainers had a horse fall on him and fracture his ankle, so I am waiting a bit on sending him. Today is in the 60's so I am going to take advantage of this rare day and go for a ride on Harley!
Happy trails......

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