Thursday, November 1, 2007

Choosing your dreamhorse

I was reading a blog of another horse person yesterday and it got me to thinking on the subject of choosing a horse. What exactly consitutes a dreamhorse? I know everyone's opinion on what a horse should be would differ, but it got me to consider what my dreamhorse would be. The world is full of beautiful well trained animals in every price range imaginable, but if price was no object what would you choose?

Me personally , I would stick with a Quarter horse . It would be between 14.1 and 15 hands athletically built and pretty headed of course. Color would not matter much to me as long as it was put together nice. I would want it to be well rounded in it's training, be cowy and sensible all at once. The horse would be able to do many jobs from show ring to trail to ranch work without a hitch. Mostly it would have to have a personality that made me laugh and challenged me sometimes.

Most of these things "Harley" has and hopefully with more riding and training he will learn the rest. What would your dream horse be???


Kathy C said...


I just found your blog and find it ironic that my dream horse would be quite close to yours. A QH that is dependable and well trained.

Trail Riding Cowgirl said...


Thanks for the post, will add you to my favorites. Nothing beats a good QH in my humble opinion.