Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Of ponies and such.....

Earlier this summer, in one of my lapses of better judgement I decided I needed to buy a pony for my two boys ages 2 and 4. The search was on, three states and numerous ponies later we found the "one" in Lexington, Ky. Thankfully we have a good friend who lives there and she was able to take her little girl and test drive the pony for us. He seemed great and so the deal was made and we brought "Wilson" home a week later. Having owned horses for over 30 years I thought , how different can a pony be.
Let me tell you the story so far. First, ponies are inherently smart, he can figure out knots and latches like a pro. Second, he is just as strong as a horse and gets pushed around by no one. His appetite is just as big as my 16 hand quarter horse. Yesterday while making cookies for my son's preschool class I look out the window to my pasture and see my horses going crazy . It didn't take me long to figure out the pony was loose.
After his tour of the hog farm across the street, and his foray around the 40 acre empty bean field next door he decided maybe he would come home. Luckily for me his appetite for grain lured him to me awaiting with the bucket of grain. Now to figure how he got out. A check of the fence turned up nothing all four strands of electric rope were in order and working. I checked the run in shed where I have 3 board fencing across the back to see if Harley may have knocked down a board with his scratching, but no all is good there. A true puzzle, until this morning.
After turning them out for the day I went to retrieve my paper, there was
Wilson on his knees and belly slithering (if you can imagine a 11 hand pony) under the fence where there is a dip in the landscape. Ha! what a clever fella. Guess you all know what I am up to today, yep fixing that low spot somehow...........

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Kathy C said...

What a hoot!

Why is it the smaller horses are the pushiest and smartest? There must be a scientific reason. For years I thought it was because kids just couldn't keep them in their places, but I don't know anymore.

Wilson sounds like quite the entertainer.