Friday, November 2, 2007

Change of seasons

It is that time of year again, the preparations for winter begin. Not sure about your neck of the woods , but here we have had the first frosts and that can only mean winter is on its way. I guess you know what I am doing this weekend, dragging out the heated buckets, emptying the stock tank to install the heating element. Time to drag out the blankets for my aging buddy "Tank" who at 27 deserves a warm blankie at night. I dread the coming months, limited riding , snow covered ground or worse the dreaded mud. Last year I kept Harley at a friend's house all winter, she has an indoor and I rode him faithfully 4 days a week. I must say it took some kind of commitment to be out there in below 0 temps riding a horse. I think I am taking this winter off. Actually I hope to have Harley at the trainers by the first of the year and he can ride in that weather.
I was hoping to get a last camping trip in next weekend with Harley and some friends but, looks like the weather is coming on fast and with highs of 30 not sure camping sounds so good. Perhaps we will just visit and plan our horsey escapes for next year that always makes me smile.

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