Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things to be thankful for

Tis the season to be reflecting on things we are thankful for. My list is quite long and I won't bore you with all of them but my top ten are as follows:
1. My family, including husband,two boys, dog, cat and three horses.
2. My little farm here that I refer to as a work in progress as I am still
remodeling three years later.
3. The never ending patience of my non horsey husband as I add to the
herd and try new adventures in showing.
4. The patience of my new horse "Harley" as I try and figure out how to
ride him with confidence.
5. The good Lord for blessing me with all the things material and non
material that I have.
6. Good friends that stick by me through thick and thin (you know who
7. All the wonderful places I got to visit this year with my horse and the
people I met along the way.
8. The chance to live in a country where I am free to pursue my wildest
dreams regardless of my race or gender.
9. All the soldiers fighting for our country all over the world , even if I
don't agree in war.
10. All the wonderful people who read and encourage me to blog and
share my adventures.
These are just a few of the things I am thankful for and the list could go on and on. As I walked my property tonight with my family it occurred to me just how lucky I am , even if I do not feel like it every day. I watched my horses contently munching the hay I paid double for this year and I realized that not every one gets this luxury. My kids were playing in the fallen leaves and laughing happily and my dog "Betty" was eagerly chasing squirrels about, this is happiness. I wish all of you the same this Thanksgiving with your families.

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Victoria Cummings said...

I am thankful to find a trail riding cowgirl on the blogosphere. I love reading your description of the camping trip to Dream Lake - something I dream of but never actually find time to do. I'm new to this blog world, so I hope you'll check out my site Teachings of the Horse at victoriacummings.blogspot.com. I look forward to following your adventures.