Friday, November 30, 2007

Another ride recap

Well, since everyone loved my ride recap of East fork stables I thought I would share another one from this summer. Good buddy Susan and I took this one with our families to Land between the Lakes in Cadiz , Ky.

We had never been before so we were anxious to check it out. It was in July and boy was it hot! The group we met from Georgia at East fork actually made this trip up to ride with us, talk about dedication. It was my turn for bad luck on the horse trailer this time, a flat on the way and a blow out while it was parked at camp! Thankfully I had hubby along to deal with that, which meant a trip into the nearest town to get another tire which was a three hour ordeal. Anyhoo, back to the trip. The camp was huge, lots of sites to choose from and even a group camping area.

Not to much shade, which we could have used some more of. The sites consist of a gravel pad, fire ring and picnic table. There is a place to picket your horse but you must provide the line. I choose to stall my horses for an additional fee. When I haul Tank, my 27 yr old QH , I stall him because he loves to lie down and rest and I think that is only fair for him. I found the stalls in horrid condition, people are supposed to clean them upon leaving but mine had a foot of muck in them. Good friend Susan rode Tank and I rode Harley. Our first ride was to the old homestead and was eight hours long. We packed a lunch and headed out, the riding was more rocky than I anticipated and I only had shoes on the front of my horses. We rode next to the lake and enjoyed some beautiful views, we were able to ride in the lake at one point. Here is a picture of Susan and Eliza on my good boy Tank. The next day we did an easy hour long trip through the woods on a not so rocky path. The camp was nice although the staff was not to accommodating and the patrols through the camp were a bit annoying. The kids enjoyed the playground area and we even brought a small blow up pool for them to play in. Here they are enjoying some summer fun.
I slept in a tent with my one boy since my trailer is not big enough for all four of us, something I do not want to do anytime soon again. The skunks were out in full force in the evening which made things interesting with the dogs along. On Saturday evening my hubby presented us all with a roasted turkey dinner, he cooked it over the fire all day and it was delicious.

All in all I had a good time but......

being that it was a seven hour trip for me there are several other camps I would rather visit. Happy trails......

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missy said...

I have had the turkey folks and she is telling the truth it is wonderful