Monday, December 3, 2007

Mud, Mud and more Mud!

Tis the season.......for mud. Yes, here we are in good ole pre winter and the mud has started. It rained all day yesterday and then went down to 27 this morning, fun. It was bound to happen and it did, my foray into the mud and I mean all of me. I have been working weekends to help pay for Harley's training and other horsey stuff that I seem to always need.
I arrived home at 7pm last evening to a teeming rain that had been falling all day. I immediately went to the pasture to bring in the boys although they have a full barn to go into for shelter they usually do not.
There is not much light at the gate so I was going on memory and hurrying at that. I had traded my shoes for a pair of crocs, first mistake
should have taken the time to located my muck boots in the garage.
I was greeted at the gate by all three fellows, very wet , cold and hungry.
Tank as always was first to come in he is such a gentleman and ducked his head into his halter and willing went into the barn with me no problem. Harley was next and apparently wanted to torture me with games and would not allow Wilson the pony to approach the gate either.
I entered the pasture and started slipping and sliding on the wonderful soil we have here, hard as concrete when dry and slippery as snot when wet. I convinced Harley that I was in fact NOT the bogey man and proceeded to halter him, he decided about one ear into the halter that this wasn't such a great idea. He scooted back and I went forward with him, just a little to fast. Yep, I did a bonified full body dive into the lovely bone chilling mud. As I tried to get up I managed to slip again and cover the parts I did not get the first time around. I am just thankful one that it was dark and two that there were no witnesses. After much ado I did manage to get both Harley and Wilson in and I did not injure myself in the process , just my clothes were a mess. The weather man is calling for the first measurable snow tomorrow night, I say bring it on!!


Victoria Cummings said...

We used to live in Virginia near the Great Dismal Swamp- seriously! So, I know what you mean about mud. One day when I tried to get my horse out of the pasture, I stepped into a sink hole wearing my knee-high muck boot and got stuck. I came out with only my sock and there was no way that the boot would move. I had to lead my horse wearing only one boot, through that mud and water. Since I was boarding her, I then had to drive home with one muddy foot. It took a couple of men to pull my boot out the next day. Yuck! Your old boy sounds like he's a real treasure. Harley's still a teen-ager, isn't he?

Kathy C said...

Oh gosh, we have the same sort of ground here. Well we range from all sand to clay like you describe. Hard as concrete when it's dry and slick as soap when wet.

I've come close to falling in it, but have been lucky so far.