Friday, December 28, 2007

Looking Ahead......

I know it is not the new year just yet, but here I sit stranded in the house again another rainy winter day and my mind she wanders. Can you tell yet that I dread winter and it's gray days which seem to never end??
I began to plan my escapes for 2008 in detail today and it cheered me right up. I usually try to fit in to many and this is probably the case this year as well, but I will plan them anyway. I am going to show again this year and that will limit the traveling and where I will manage to scrape up the extra dollars for all this I haven't a clue yet but it will come I have no fear. This is what I have concluded so far.

January : Harley leaves for boot camp with the Craig's for sixty days

February: Harley still at camp and the weather really sucks anyway!

March: Harley should come home the middle of the month and I will try
for an overnight trip to the local state park for my birthday.

April: No horse trip here, just me and girlfriends to Key West FL for
some good times .

May: First ranch horse show here in Indiana hopefully some new classes
for us this year!

June: First weekend 6-8th Best of America by horseback trail ride
Here in Indiana!! Taking the whole family on this one.

July: One glorious week at Buffalo River Trail Ride in Tennessee.
Anyone want to come? website:

August: Going back to Deam Lake State Park for some more fun.

September: Ranch horse show

October : ranch horse show here in Indiana

November : Fall ride but destination not set yet , maybe in Ohio this year.

December: Final ranch horse show, yes it is an indoor facility folks.

I am sure I will squeeze in some more stuff as friends contact me and coerce me into doing more. Get planning people, we have a whole world out there to see! Happy trails.........

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