Monday, December 17, 2007

Seasonal Disorder

Here we are in winter and I feel that old familiar feeling creeping in again. The endless days of gray Sky's here and the frozen tundra out there keep me cooped up in the house to much. Today as I was outside doing my barn chores, you know scooping frozen poopcicles and breaking ice in the bucket I figured out what is wrong with me. Since we label everything in America these days with a syndrome I figure I have LORT syndrome. This abbreviation stands for Loss of Riding Time. It all makes perfect sense now. The weather turns bitter cold, the ground is frozen solid or a giant mud hole and I stop riding. Without my riding time I cannot detox the rest of the world around me. For me there is hope thou, a medicine if you will. When Harley goes off to boot camp next month, I will have an indoor arena to ride in. Yippee! Yes it will still be brutally cold and I will be looking like the Michelin man in my coveralls and various other thinsilate articles of clothing layered on me like a seven layer dip. My only hope is that I can climb aboard Harley wearing all that garb!


Kathy C said...

I feel the same way. I can't wait for February when the horses will be boarded at a facility with an indoor. We will freeze our patooties off but you know it will be worth it.

When you get a chance email me your address so I can send off your pay it forward reward!

Mrs Mom said...

You know, I used to feel the same thing and thought I was all alone with it. But the solution I found wasn't an indoor arena-- nope. I moved SOUTH! LOL No snow in the sunny southland, but then again, learning to adapt my horsey ways to heat and humidity has been interesting...

Hope you thaw soon! And enjoy the indoor!

Carol said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!! I just wrote a new post and now reading your most recent post, I think we can both agree....Winter is a pain the butt!

Aren't the sensitive horses wonderful!! They have such neat personalities!

I will add you to my "favorite blogs" list. I hope you don't mind.

(aka. Campin Horseluvr)