Sunday, December 23, 2007

The year in review..the good, the bad, and the ugly

Well here we are at the end of another year and I find myself doing a long look in the rear view mirror at 2007. Thought I would share some of the things that enlightened, disheartened or plain rocked my world this year.

The good....
My family and I all managed to stay healthy without any major occurrences. I starting my show career with Harley at ranch horse shows and managed to stay on him no matter what. I took some awesome trips with good friends and made a few new ones on the way. My best memory this year was when I placed first with Harley in a conformation class of thirteen horses. My first , first place ever!!

The bad....
The drought here in Indiana and elsewhere. The price of my hay doubling this year. My well running dry in the back for the horses, I am still hauling water from my house. This is a joy since I must fill the buckets in the basement and lug them to the barn each day. The realization that I must part with two of my barn buddies , especially Tank my true love.
The ugly;....
Fortunately not to much here, just one class in ranch reining where Harley went to bucking and I seriously thought I was in trouble . I forfeited the class and bowed out although I was still on pattern, not a good lesson for Harley to get away with. Me trying to ride bareback with just a halter to learn Harley's movements, I am sure this looked ugly!!

My favorite trip this year was probably the deam lake trip because it was so laid back and just me and a good friend spending quality time together. Hope your year in review was as good as mine and here's hoping for an even better one in 2008.
Happy trails.......

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Simply Marvelous said...

I just discovered your site. Very enjoyable. I'd say you had a very good year!

About the price of hay. I don't know what the cost is in the Midwest, but I have just paid $34 a bale for Timothy. Filling my hay loft was a major investment!

Our situation in California is that the large farmers have contracted their hay to be sent to Japan. We "locals" get what is left over.

On that cheery little note, I wish you a Happy New Year with the hopes that we all have plenty of hay next year!