Friday, December 14, 2007

Parting Ways

It is never easy saying goodbye. I sold Wilson today, he is going to a great home to be a companion pony and occasional grandchild carrier. The man who purchased him is a true animal lover and got teary eyed when he told me how he lost his pony this summer after having him nearly 20 years. I will miss the little critter, although I have him for another week as we have weather moving in tonight. Despite his being sly as a fox and an expert at escaping I truly enjoyed his company. My kids seem not concerned at all which I guess is good. I guess my work at the dog rescue with all our fosters has let them see how not to get attached. I am still awaiting word on the therapeutic center on Tank. Harley is mad at me because I have kept Wilson up for two days mostly to keep him clean and to keep the wound on his leg clean. I spoke with the trainer today and Harley leaves on the 15th of January for his boot camp. I am delivering Wilson some time next week which at least lets me see where he will be living. I just hate that view of the trailer leaving with your friend inside and wondering what is in store for them.

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Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like the pony will have a good home that he will stay at forever. I always prefer those homes that keep their horses because it's the second and third homes down the road that are out of your control that can end up being not so good.

Boot camp for Harley. I love the term. I wish I could send one of mine off to boot camp for at least sixty days.