Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deam Lake horse trip

Ok, I am late at getting you details on the weekend camping trip. Such is the way when you have little ones and they give you the cold crud. I am back in the land of the living and ready to dish the scoop on Deam Lake.
Harley and I headed out on Friday morning, it was a two hour drive from my house. Very easy to find the park and no problems on the way. The campground is beautiful, full of trees and lake views. Susan arrived only thirty minutes after me so we had good timing. The camp has 68 horse sites and numerous regular camp sites. There are four shower houses within the horse camp and although they need renovation we found them clean. There are hitching rails for the horses which you can attach a picket line to. They are in the process of building barns so there will be stalls by spring. The camp is open April through November 14. We didn't waste much time before riding, just long enough to plug in the electric and set up the picket for the horses. Our first ride was about an hour long and took us uphill to an outcropping of rocks with an awesome view. We found the riding ranging from easy with wide trails to challenging with single dirt trails. The trails were well marked and easy to follow. The trees were in the peak color, the only hitch was both Susan and I forgot our cameras. We had our camera phones , but they just don't do color justice. We enjoyed our campfires each night and we needed them with the temps in the 30's at night. We met some great people and shared some riding spots and found some new ones from them. All in all a great weekend getaway! Sorry that it will be the last of 2007 but at least we went out on a great note.

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Kathy C said...

I wish I had gotten on more trail rides this summer. Now it's almost Thanksgiving and deer hunting has started, so besides, maybe some arena riding at a friends the riding is over until next spring. sigh.

Your trip sounded like a LOT of fun. I need to find a couple friends that would just go with me. Hope the crud has been shaken off.