Saturday, November 24, 2007

Teaching an old girl new tricks

Today was a test for me for a change. I took a lesson with my trainer on Harley today. We introduced the mechanical cow. Harley was great, me not so much. It seems my little horse was made to cut cows and he loves it! I am about as uncoordinated as they come trying to sit and move with Harley. I felt like a raggedy ann doll up there. My trainer of course made it look so easy and made Harley look great doing it. I have lots of work ahead if I intend to show in cattle classes this year and I can't imagine when I will be able to do my ultimate dream of working cow horse. Still, I am forging onward in my pursuit of this dream. So, my homework for this week from the trainer is to ride Harley sans bridle and saddle and work on getting the feel of his movements. Sounds easy right, NOT! My job is to just keep him in the gait of my choice (trot or lope) and not steer or direct him in any way. I am starting out in my pasture of three acres and it is quite the adventure. I tried this today just in the indoor arena and it was quite funny, first of all I do not ride bareback anymore so that in itself was a challenge much less trying not to steer .
Harley is small and quick and very adept at changes directions in a hurry, all a big plus for cow classes but hard to adjust to since my other steed Tank is a 16 hand bruiser of a boy. I wish i could video this adventure for all of you so you could belly laugh along with me. My only hope is that I do not come flying off and injure myself. My non horsey hubby suggested padding all around. Wish me luck~

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