Thursday, November 8, 2007

Camping with my horse

Hooray! I get to take a trip with my horse this weekend to go camping.
What is it about getting out in the woods that makes everything so much better. I mean food taste better, life looks better and my horse always seems better. I think Harley enjoys the great outdoors as much as me.
This will be the last trip of the year for us, so I am really looking forward to it. I am trying a new place that I have never been before so that is always exciting. My friend and fellow brave soul, Susan from Kentucky is meeting me at Deam Lake. It is a state recreation area about 19 miles north of Louisville. This recreation area just added the horseman's campsites earlier this year. Susan and I are old pros at the traveling to camp thing, we have hauled as far away as Missouri and rode together in Fl as well. Nothing makes me happier than to share some great horse moments with a fellow horse lover. I will give you the recap on the weekend in the next post. I am off to pack my gear.....

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