Thursday, May 29, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

Living on rural property is a blessing, there are many advantages that I love about it. Waking up to the birds singing and walking around in just a t shirt with my curtains open all the time, having campfires in the evening with my kids, letting my dogs roam loose on my property. Having my horses in my eye site all day and night long when I can't sleep. Speaking of which......

My house is an oldie but goodie, built in 1871 and built like a fortress. She is named HOPE partly for the town I live in, but also for the dream that I can restore her to her glory of years past.

This is a picture of her this past winter. When I can find the other shots I will post a few for you guys to see her inside rooms as well. But I have gotten off subject. She is brick with 18 inch walls so pretty sound proof usually. Last evening however, just as I was climbing into bed I heard a scraping , scratching sound. It is just me and the wee one home this week as dad and five year old are on the road working. I knew wee one was fast asleep upstairs and the sound seemed to be coming from the dining area......Out of bed I drag myself and start to investigate.
Took me a little while to distinguish where it was coming from but indeed the dining room. I turn on the light to see a masked bandit at the window munching bird seed from my feeder. A raccoon! Not again..... pesky little critters harder than steel to get rid of when they settle in. At least now I know what has been stealing the cat food in the barn. Now to find a way to discourage her from coming back.

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Pony Girl said...

I thought this might be a ghost story, lol! ;) Your home is gorgeous. Would love to see the interior. It looks very festive done up for the holidays! Those raccoons can be pesky. We were camping one time and had them invade our camp in the middle of the night and steal some food. We were in our early twenties and not smart enough to put our food up. I swear I yelled at that coon on the picnic table and he took one look at me, grabbed the oreos, and scampered!! Good luck discouraging him...hope you get some good tips.