Monday, May 12, 2008

horses.... a lot like the game of golf

The longer I have horses the more I find they are like playing the game of golf. It is an endless succession of days and months of highs and lows and when you think you are going to give up, you have the most incredible day. Let's backtrack to Saturday.

I pretty much had made up my mind on parting with Harley and actually am at peace with it scarily. I know his potential but also know my crazy schedule and my wish is not for him to be boarded at a trainer's barn for an indefinate amount of time. So armed with the knowledge that I was making a clear and rational decision, I decided to go and ride and have a lesson. Who could know what was waiting for me. I was met in the lot by Mike and he told me to go and tack up and he would be along shortly. I tacked up and Mike told me how to start the day by trotting small circles and ask for him to give to the neck rein for a while. I did as told and Harley seemed to be moving off the rein nicely and we seemed good together. Enter the bad wolf, Corey. He said let's get to work and asked me to stop and spin him to the right, Harley's less than perfect side. Amazingly he spun.... correctly and fast. Corey had me trot out and try the other direction, same result a perfect spin.
WOW, I was feeling great! We did this two more times and Corey said enough , go lope the entire arena and lope squares. Well, I must tell you I am not good at that making squares thing. Harley started to strong and by memory I instantly pulled him into the ground. We tried again and he was more respectful, but soon sped up without my que. You guessed it, pull him into the ground. I would like to say I got that perfect but I said whoa, which when disciplining we are not supposed to. After me disciplining him he started to lope beautifully and I was even getting the square corners on a loose rein. I looked up while loping down the wall to see Corey, Mike and Brent all with jaws dropped and mouths open. No one could believe the ride I was having, especially me. Mike said I should price him high and think each time that I get on that oh well he is for sale. Not sure what was different, but it all clicked. The day was going so well that I even did lead changes and almost mastered them before I had to run to T ball game . Yes, I still am considering selling him but how nice to have had a great ride. Heading down tomorrow and going to try for two! I am going to show him this weekend and am looking forward to it.
Happy Trails....


Pony Girl said...

Sometimes, you just need to have a breakthrough! Those moments are so good, to boost confidence. Funny you mention golf. I used to play a little (if you could call it that!) and this one time I had this amazing chip that was on a Tiger Woods level. It was such a neat feeling, because it was so unexpected!! I think we need those moments to change our perspective and realize that we are better at the game than we think we are!

Kathy C said...

Isn't that just the way it goes? Congrats on your great ride. Hope you get another today.

Callie said...

That's good news. With all the trouble you've been having lately, it's nice to have that great day! Hope the next one is just as good, if not better!

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Yep . . . just when you change your mind, and start to let go, it seems things come together better.

I am having a similar experience with a young paint colt these days.

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Anonymous said...

yikes.. i do know how you feel.. life's a dance you learn as you go... sometimes i feel like it's "breakdown before breakthru!"

happy trails
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