Friday, May 30, 2008

Stage Fright

As you know I am off this evening to head to Michigan to try out a gelding.
I am starting to suffer from Stage fright. I am nervous about riding someone else's horse in front of them. I know my riding has come a long way this year, but still I am anxious about this ride.

Yesterday I rode Harley outside, it was a gourgeous day and he was a perfect gentleman. Made me smile, thinking of all the good things I like about him. For one he is just as happy going on a trail alone or with a horse, no silly screaming or hesitating to leave the barn. He totally enjoys the trails as I do! He isn't spooky and waiting for boogers to come and get him. Makes me think he is better suited to doing outdoor work than all that arena stuff. Unfortunately, I love the pattern classes and the show atmosphere where I can test myself and my skills, so I know selling him and finding a happy medium is the right thing to do.

My friends had some good advice for the weekend trial, and I appreciate their help.
One suggested that I take my own saddle which I am, if nothing more than to make sure it fits the horse I may purchase. Another suggested I just focus on riding and pretend the horse is mine already and I am just schooling, good thought but not sure I can pull that off. Tiffany just laughed at me and said if I can ride at Corey's with Mike, Corey and Brent all telling me what to do at once than I should have no worries. I am feeling fairly confident that I will do fine and I will have two good friends there to watch and help me look him over. Hoping you all have great weekends, will update you on my return.
Happy Trails.....


Pony Girl said...

Sounds like your friends gave you some good advice. It is tough to try out a horse, I would consider going back again for another ride if you like him on the first one. Maybe take a trainer or a friend for a second opinion. And, arrive a little bit early. That way, you know they won't have the horse already caught, saddled, or warmed up before you get there. You want to see him like he really is! ;)
It is hard when you thinking of selling your horse and suddenly he seems so perfect....

Rising Rainbow said...

I think you're just being self conscious. Some people don't even know which side of a horse to mount on. You may not be the perfect rider but who is. If the sellers are more interested in evaluating you than how you fit with the horse, you probably don't want to deal with them anyway. Just have fun........that's what shopping for a horse should be is fun. If it's, fast and furiously.

Gecko said...

What a great idea, I never thought of taking your own saddle. It'd definetly feel more like home!

When I sold my horse I told the buyer to take him out in the paddock to bond with him. Obviously not everyone will be comfortable with this, and of course I had one eye on them at all times, but it'd be nice if you could get out away from the people and buildings (even just 50m or 100m away). That way you can 'get in the zone' =D