Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Riding the wave

Oh joy, oh joy, I am riding my horse and we a clicking! Let me tell ya folks it is like riding a giant wave and feeling like a kid again. I have managed to ride Harley Tuesday and Today this week and both rides were amazing. Not sure what has changed for us, I either finally got with it or Harley has well no.....he is still trying me at most angles. I think I finally believe that I can ride this horse and that I will learn how to discipline him when he needs it. Today I actually ran a pattern and knew when to "fix" him without Corey yelling at me. I got through the lead changes and spins and even made a four foot sliding stop. Woo Hoo! Nothing compared to the NRHA folks but I was proud as a peacock. Hell any good stop beats horn humping and the bruises left behind on my upper thighs. Besides us ranch horse folk only strive for a good square stop not the blazing stops of true reiners. After my lesson today Corey proclaimed me ready for the "PEN", which means go show. I am a little melancholy about bringing Harley home tomorrow I sure have enjoyed the lessons and have learned so much. Actually, Harley is only spending one night here than Friday we leave for the show. I made a deal with my friend Tiffany and am bringing her Thoroughbred "Eddie" home here in exchange for Harley staying at her house. She has an indoor arena and lives only a mile away. Hopefully I can continue riding Harley on a regular basis and haul to Corey's on Saturday's for help. Anxious to see if we can put it all together this weekend at the show.

In other news, Tank seems to be healing quite nicely and the wound is starting to close a bit. He now has a three inch hole under there instead of five inches. His limp has receded since we got rain and he seems fine there. I think he will enjoy the company of Eddie when I get him here Sunday. Eddie is the horse that broke his rear leg last year just like Barbaro. I am still hopeful to find him a new home for Tiffany, he is trail sound and such a nice boy I am sure I can work it out. Well that's all from here for now .
Happy trails......


Mrs Mom said...

Whoa! New look entirely here woman! Kewl!

Way to GO with Harley. Never Give Up. E-V-E-R! :)

Wish we were closer- would love to help find the TB a home.

Oh- and hit up HorseFeathers! You got an award!


Pony Girl said...

Good news! You sound SO happy and tickled things are going better. Can't wait to hear about the show! Love the new pic, he's such a handsome boy!

Kathy C said...

All your hard work has finally clicked eh? Wonderful! Good luck this weekend.