Thursday, May 1, 2008

More medical setbacks....

Haylo, I was all set to tell you about the weekend and what I had done when Wham! I was hit by another mystery illness Monday afternoon. I came down with some serious chest pains that escalated to back pain, nausea and general feeling of crap. I trotted over to the ER with hubby and the fun began. They determined pretty darn quick that I was not having a heart attack but could offer little else in the way of explanation of said pain. They kept me for observation and for practice poking needles into me say oh, every hour round the clock. By morning I still had the pain and several new holes in my arms, but no answers. I had every test under the sun for my heart until they were satisfied that it indeed was not the problem. Then the guessing game started. Now it seems we are targeting my gallbladder. I checked out of there and am driving myself to future tests at the hospital. I had another screen today with dye injected to show my gallbladder and its functions. No results yet guess I have to stew until my Doctor reads the results. The pain has finally relinquished today so far.

In other news, in addition to my health crisis of the month Tank has once again got the giant jaw look. I finally connected with my vet, (can't use cell phones in the heart ward) and he came out for a look yesterday. The news was bad but not the worst which was a possibility. He ended up having to cut Tank's throat open and dig out what seemed like five pounds of abscessed material. The abcess had scar tissue attached and was into the bone. Gross, gross, gross is all I can say. He now has a gaping hole in the back there which must remain open. I have to flush it three times a day and try to keep the flies at bay. Tank was a super gentleman as always and today feels much better despite his ah, ackward appearance.

Surfice it to say I am banned from riding Harley until we have a definative answer on the mystery pain. Sigh........ Looks like the first show of the season for Carson and Tank will be out also. Don't think I can get the face healed up in 16 days.

Sending great cosmic thoughts to Susan who is trail riding at EAst fork stables this week, wish I was there!
That's all for now folks, will keep ya posted on the patient's progress.
Happy trails....


Rising Rainbow said...

Well, that doesn't sound good. I hope they get it figured out soon.

Mrs Mom said...

OK 'nuff already there TRC!!

Heal up quick you two.

If it turns out to be your gallbladder, the surgery is easy and rehab time should be quick for you. ;) Mine was anyways.... (I think I still have the ultrasound pic of mine right before

Let us know- we will be praying and pulling for you!

Pony Girl said...

TRC, I'd wondered where you'd been! I sure hope things are okay. At least you went to the Dr. When I have strange symptoms I just ignore them and worry about them (not so good.) I hope Tank's abscess heals up soon! Hang in there!

Victoria Cummings said...

TRC- I hope that you and Tank feel better soon. I'ts really tough having a sick horse when you're not doing great yourself. Hang in there - We're all sending the positive vibrations your way!