Thursday, April 2, 2009

Too much stuff!

Oh the joys of moving!

I have come to the conclusion that I have way too much stuff. This week has been a true Spring cleaning. If I haven't worn it or used it in a year out it goes. The Goodwill people know me by name now. Seriously, how did I accumulate so much crap in five years since the last time I moved? Well, I know I now have two more little ones and their things to add to the mess but still....

Poor Frankie and Jane just watch me daily making trips to the car with give aways and trips to the horse trailer packing what is going. Yep, true to the hillbilly roots I am using my horse trailer to move most of it. What a sight we will be moving in with a horse trailer, the blue one none the less.

We are making our first run down to the new house this weekend. I have to go and personally change all the utilities to my name. I have nearly emptied both basements and stuffed it into the horse area of the trailer. The dressing room is full of inside things that I do not need for day to day living. The boys are excited to be camping in our new house this weekend. It sort of will be like camping since we will sleep on blow up beds and have no furniture.

Speaking of Frankie, haven't done much with him except shed him of tons of hair.
I have managed a little ground work with him in the areas he lacks, which is most of them. He has gotten very good about picking up his feet now and no longer does a little dance when I move around him. We are still working on trying to trot at hand so I can show him in conformation and my oldest wants to as well. I fear I may need to invest in a little dressage whip to encourage his lazy little butt. When I give him the cue to trot he just looks at me like I am a bit crazy and sort of lengthens
his neck but does not increase his motion. More work but that is OK. When the move is over there will be plenty of time to ride and work on lots of things. I should mention that Frankie celebrated his 4th Birthday on the 27th of March I totally missed it but made it up to him the next day.

BFF Susan tells me there is a place just five miles from the new house that we can ride. It is state land and has trails and a parking area for horse trailers. She thinks you could probably ride about three hours total without doing the same trails over. Sounds good to me! Looking forward to riding with her lots this summer!

In ranch horse news, we are having one of our members display his stallion at the Hoosier Horse Fair this weekend for the club. We also have two members who happen to be ARHA judges that are volunteering their services to judge the top hand/top horse competition. I am running up there this afternoon armed with info and banners to display at the booth and in the arena. Things are starting to take shape for the first show in May. Hoping I have most of the move done by then so I can hold it all together. Well I am off and running, hope you all have great weekends!

Happy trails.....


Anonymous said...

Sound like you're busy with all the moving! I know what you mean about the too much stuff - every time I move I wonder "where did this all come from?" Happy birthday Frankie!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh YEA!!!! I love all your news and even the packing is sounding
not too difficult, I do sour in my spirit when I think of trying it myself= with having lived here for 18 years!
I really laughed when you said the GW folks know you by name!! ^Trailers are soo good fir these things!

Well, Frankie will perk up I thinnk...his last bit of grouth was going to be'll see. The DW, or "dressage ornanment" as I have heard them called, is something I have to use too...not that Wa needs speed or go...but the encouragement to do what I ask , when I ask!
You take care and I am sooo excited for those forset trails for you and your handsome horse to ride soon!

Gecko said...

I've never moved house, but just from hearing stories about it I don't know how people do it!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Moving- how exciting! I want to get rid of a lot of my stuff but I'm just not disciplined enough to do it. I keep thinking that now, without a job, I could move anywhere! Maybe I should look into it.