Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend recap

I am back here in Indiana after a weekend in Ky again. It was quite the weekend folks! I left on Thursday afternoon with YES! a trailer load of furniture finally!
The sun was a shining and it was just perfect all weekend! We actually hit 86 degrees today!!

I spent Thursday afternoon unloading the trailer with hubby and Friday morning unpacking boxes. Some quick errands on Friday afternoon and a stop at the playground for the kiddies, then we grilled and ate outdoors on the patio, how nice!

There were lots of new foal babies to view this weekend and my kids affectionately named them all including black beauty and brownie!

On Saturday I had the best time with girlfriends Susan and Tiffany! Gonna keep you in suspense as to where we went but I will give you hints.....
It is a world class event that takes place at the horse park once a year.....
I took lots of pictures and IF..... my camera cooperates I will post them tomorrow.

I am sunburned and worn out tonight .... Any guesses where I went????


LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Hey did you go to Keenland? It's an awesome place! I like it better than Churchill Downs. Derby is always the first Saturday in May!? We went one year and sat on Millionaire Row with the likes of George Strait and Bo Derek! Awesome time...and while in the bathroom someone offered me 10K for my seat at the finish line! Nope, didn't take it! That would have been an insult to our host! If you ever get the opportunity, go!

allhorsestuff said...

GRReat soundinbg times in the sun and warm..finally!!
Can't wait for your photos!
Glad that it is coming together and almost to an winter!

Gecko said...

10K for a spot? Wow!!!

I wouldn't be able to take even the wildest guess at where you went, but it certainly sounds like you had fun!!! =)

Anonymous said...

You went to the festivities in Louisville. If you have never been to the racehorse museum, you have got to go. It is awsome.
Stephanie D
Silverville, IN

Farm Girl said...

Rolex Three Day Event? That would be such fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Rolex - glad your move is coming well!

dazey said...

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