Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April showers bring.......

April showers bring May flowers right? Then hell I should be in a virtual flower patch next month. April showers bring an irritable Carolyn around here. The rain started on Thursday evening and rained all day Friday, making it impossible for me to move furniture this past weekend. I really wanted to move some of the pieces I don't use much because I wanted to unpack some boxes so I could reuse them to pack more stuff. Sigh..... It rained all day yesterday and is still raining today.
Frankie and Jane are in thier stalls and I think they have had enough of that. The pasture is just a big ole mosh pit right now and I can't bear to turn them out there.
Mostly because I have them all groomed up nice and I am afraid they may harm themselves being goofy in all that slick mud.

One good thing about the rain is I got to spend time with them inside more than usual. Frankie has got the shedding machine going and Jane is just starting to shed.
I am using a lava brick on them and Frankie is really starting to glow. He is such a character, while I was grooming him yesterday he picked all through my brush box and carried items around his stall in his mouth. I wish I had my camera! He had a pink hoof pick hanging out of his mouth at one point and it just cracked me up.
The boys groomed Jane and she stood so perfectly while they fussed and tried their best to brush and comb her hair. I noticed a small sore under her jaw and cleaned it up. Wondering if it is an abscess or if she got into something and cut it. It is perfectly round and red so makes me think abscess. Will have to keep my eye on it.

Praying for Sun soon.

Happy trails......


Anonymous said...

We've been having the rain too - they're promising better weather tomorrow. Those lava bricks really do a good job - I like them particularly for my grey mare and paint pony. One of my horses likes to pick up the grooming bag by the side and lift it up, then shake it to dump all the contents out - I'll have to try to get pictures of that sometime!

Pony Girl said...

Um, yea, we are hoping for some sun around here, too! It sounds like Frankie is quite the ham! I hope you are able to get some packing undone soon. Hang in there!

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Oh I feel your pain girl....rain....rain...go AWAY! I'm thankful and all for the growing pastures with the rain but not the mud slicks and cold chill that go with it! Yea, I really do like the lava blocks! I had hair in my eye yesterday as that drizzle and wind picked up as I was grooming my mare! I've never seen so much hair. I really should think of something I could do with it with having six horses! LOL! Of course the birds LOVE horse hair to make their summer nests! How the INRHA going for you so far? Disappointing only 3 shows this year but these are trying times. I may make it to one if I'm lucky....since it's the closest one...Rochester. Hope the weather breaks so you can get the heck out of Yankie Doodle! Lu

allhorsestuff said...

Darn it all rain...I was just saying last week that April "hail"
bring may flowers..that's all it is doing here till today! 70 degrees and climbing to 80 in tree days...we are all gonna get sunburnt..not me...I wear perrenial

It gonna get better Carolyn!Really!
Frankie sounds so cute, with his playful antics!

Melanie said...

I am sorry about the rain. Really!!! As someone who lives in WA state, we get tons of rain and cloudy days, and I HATE it!!!!

Hope the flowers are worth it, right??? LOL!!!

Jamie said...

Hope all is going well with the move.

I, too am ready for a break in the rain and tornados (here).

I am sure before the summer is over, I will be begging for rain again....

Hugs and best wishes on the move