Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things I learned from a donkey named Jane

OK, I must fess up. I am in love with the donkey. She is the sweetest thing EVER!
I have never had a donkey, never known anyone with a donkey, don't know much about donkey's. Here is what I am learning.

Donkey's are like old soul's, they just are wise and calm.

Donkey's fur comes down their tail about six inches then the tail hair starts.

Donkey's like to talk.. Jane talks to me every time I approach it is sort of like the sound of wheezing under one's breath.

Donkey's teach patience... This morning I was in a rush as always, trying to get a million things done before the kidlets got out of school. I was leading Jane to the pasture hurriedly and when we approached the gate where it is churned up and hardened and ice covered she just stopped. She gave me the kind knowing eye as if to say, slow down it is slippery here. I of course gave her time to pick her way across the jagged ground then turned her loose. I needed that lesson. I need to slow down and chill out.

Donkey's teach tolerance... Even when I can't seem to get that halter over those enormous ears, Jane is tolerant. She stands there just gazing at me as if to say
"I know you are trying your best here and you will get it".

Donkey's teach me that it is OK to be different. Although she is small and furry and makes funny noises I have learned different can be a blessing.

Thank you Candy for allowing me to borrow Jane and for letting her teach me so much.
She is a true Christmas blessing.

Happy trails......


allhorsestuff said...

What a wonderful blessing at this time..neat. I love your outlook!

Mrs Mom said...

Donkeys. Rock.

I am so happy that Jane is there to help Tank out, and to show you how truly COOL long ears are!! We have wanted a donkey for a long time, too.

She sure is beautiful, and I LOVE your Christmas Card pic!!!!

Love you girl, and the kids too. Please give Tank a special kiss from his Auntie Mrs Mom, and know that the door is open here if you need to head somewhere WARM for a break!

Pony Girl said...

What a really sweet post! Jane sounds so kind. I don't know anything about donkeys either, but I read on Trailbosses' blog this a.m. that sometimes people put them in pastures with horses or goats to scare off coyotes?
Have you ever heard of the children's book "Twist and Ernest"? Look it up on Amazon! It's about a donkey who gets a new friend, a shiney snobby horse who thinks he's better than the pesky little donkey. Of course, they become friends in the end. There are a couple books in the series. It's cute!

gtyyup said...

Ha!! If you don't get to keep Jane (I know she's only on loan), you'll probably go get one of your own...everything you learned from Jane is the honest truth...they are very special lil' souls.

Melanie said...

Donkey's are really cool, and it sounds as if Jane is no exception. :)
Who knew that an ass would teach you so many virtues??? (Sorry, I just couldn't help!!!)

Hope that you are staying warm!!!