Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cowgirl Christmas Contest

As I was frantically cleaning the upstairs rooms in prep for the home tour this morning I had an idea: A Christmas Contest for my blogger friends.
So now, in between batches of baking cookies for the refreshment part of the tour I am running in here and blogging a few lines at a time. Here is how the game will work:

A simple game (like me) where you answer some questions about me and whoever gets the most right gets a wonderful basket of goodies from ME! It should be easy for you since I am such an open book and share absolutely everything here in my blog.
If you get stumped read back through some old posts and you will find the answers.

I know there are several lurkers, (like me) who read my blog but never post.
Here is your chance to let me see who you are.


Here we go:

1. How many horses have I had in my life? (hint between 1-20)

2. How many siblings do I have?

3. What style saddle do I ride? (i.e. roping, trail etc.)

4. Where was my one week riding trip to this past year?

5. Finally, what is my new horse's barn name?

Good luck everyone, contest ends Friday night at 9pm EST!

Happy trails...


cowgirlmlp said...

ok its Missy in Iowa, here are my answers
1. 10
2. 5
3. billy cook cutter
4. Buffalo River
5. Frankie

now people can look at mine and cheat:-)

Pony Girl said...

Fun idea! OK, I think COWGIRL in Iowa already got them all right hee hee....but here I go, just in case! :)

1. Don't know that one! :( I'll guess 12?
2. 5
3. Reining
4. Buffalo River
5. Frankie!
Merry Holidays to you!!

Jamie said...

Ok - here goes....darnit - wish I was first.....
1. Have to guess this one too
2. 5
3. Reining
4. Buffalo River
5. Frankie

Trail Riding Cowgirl said...

Hi everyone thanks for the answers, no one got it yet keep trying. Here is a hint no one got the first one right yet. The answer is in one of my past blogs!
good luck!