Friday, December 5, 2008

Catching up on the MEME

OK , so Jamie at seat belt for my saddle had tagged me for a meme last week and I am finally getting to it. It is a fun game of tag to tell you six things about me you may not know. hmmmmn...... You all know all there is or so it seems.. I will have to dig deep here.

I am supposed to tag more people but I don't have time for stinking rules right now.
So all of you feel free to be tagged and post six things about you that I may not know.

Let's give it a go:

1. I am the person always walking the wrong direction in traffic, like at the mall.
I refuse to be "one" of the masses. I AM Different!

2. I had never had professional riding lessons until I bought Harley, just sort
got on and rode.

3. I tend to not be able to tell people NO, I have this need to please everyone.

4. I LOVE to bake, the holidays are fun because I have an excuse to make yummies
all day long.

5. I am in the process (a long one) of writing a book on my not so ordinary life.

6. I have an inherent fear of ICE, don't know why just hate walking out on frozen
water or anything of the like's.

Well that is the best my sleep deprived brain can do this morning. Hope you learned a few things you did not know.

Onto other business, the home tour for the owner's went well last night and now we just have this evening. It is scheduled for 6 - 9 pm and costs folks $10 for the tour of 6 houses, the proceeds go to a local historical museum here in Hope. I will try to video tonight and see if we can get it to post here on blogger.

As for the contest:

You guys are so......close. All horse stuff is the closest! Yes I ride a Western saddle but which style?? There is a post on it back there. Making you work I know but it will be worth it , I promise!

OK off to bake the last of the cookies for tonight's refreshments!

Happy trails....<


Jamie said...

Ok - Here is my official answers....
(Unless you count my first ones, and that is okay - I have had fun)
1. 14 (Frankie is 14th)
2. 5 (total of 6 kids)
3. Billy Cook cutting saddle
4. Buffalo River
5. Frankie

Melanie said...

I am glad that you played along with the meme. It was fun to learn more about you!

How much longer do we have for the contest??? I will try to come back tonight and play (too much homework right now!!).

allhorsestuff said...

Yes! #3 is You ride in a Cutting Saddle with a flat seat that was so different when you first rode quit early on that day!
And My own appointed Bonus POINT:
Mr. Specks was your first horse(pony) a Red Appoloosa!
I jsut cracked up when I read that name...sooo cute!

Mrs Mom said...

hey do I get an autographed copy of your book???? Pleeeeeze? ;)

Kiss Tank from me, and Frankie too!

Rising Rainbow said...

Ummmmmm, cookies sound good. I need to get started on holiday baking but can't seem to get into gear.