Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random stuff

Judging by reading some of your posts weather is affecting us all in some way or another. It has been crazy here, ice one day, then snow , then rain. Wednesday we were iced in, no school and the whole enchilada. We busied ourselves around the house as best as we could. The kids and I cleaned up and out the toy room. We managed to discard two bags of crappy or broken toys and get four bags to donate to school/goodwill. It felt good and I am teaching the fellas about sharing.

Little devil kitty "Annie" had plans of her own.....

Here she is sizing up the Christmas tree, ready for an all on attack.

And she just could not help herself. After destroying these ornaments she thought it best to climb the tree, all the way to the top. She is at the very active stage now and systematically destroying my house.

The next day the weather turned to rain and this was created in front of the horse barn.

Yep, a giant rut or trench or wash out. Whatever you call it, it just means more work for me.

But for the kids it means......FUN!

The weather actually was nice enough to play outside while Mom cleaned the barn.
That picture above was taken from inside the barn looking out. It actually reached 55 degrees that day! I could not resist letting them get trashed in the puddle
after being pent up for days in the house.

Tank enjoyed having his blanket off for the day. Him and Jane enjoyed the semi warmth even if there was no sun.

Today, Carson and I went to see Frankie. He is doing so well, Cory is really happy with his progress as well. Carson insisted on having a ride after Cory finished schooling him today. He loves , HIS new horse!

But, I must say the weather is moving in again and tonight we are supposed to get the coldest air of the season so far. We are still hoping for the white Christmas,
I mean if it is this cold shouldn't we at least get snow??

Happy trails.....


Mrs Mom said...

I thought of all of my northern pals today, as I made round after round with a pretty pony in tow...

Hope you get that White Christmas!!!!

Kisses to Tank and Jane from us!


allhorsestuff said...

Oh Bing just came on!
Thanks for having the great music to hum to as my eyes are delighted with all your pics! That Annie is such a cutie kitten. She reminds me of my Micheal Madison Cat.
I can't believe that trench too...the kids playing in it ..that is precious!And frankie..with a young-un aboard, too wonderful for words!

GUESS what came today with all the snow????
I got your package and WOWSA, you are so generous Carolyn! I love it ALL= so much and the made that ON my birthday!
I am going to post tomorrow and brag on YOU!
I am trying to picture where I am going to put my wonderful"I Love my horse" sign. You really went all out and I am tickled from my head to toes!
Got me thinking..I must do someting like this for someone else!
Thank you soooo much. It was so much fun too= getting to know you better..fringe benifit!

Rising Rainbow said...

Well, if it doesn't snow there for Christmas it sure isn't because we haven't been sending it your way from here. We are having record breaking cold and snow. We are expecting 10 inches overnight. I haven't seen that in 20 years on my farm. I would think it should reach you in time to make for a white Christmas..........Here's hoping it gets to you and totally leaves us behind (but that leaving us behind isn't expected until after the new year)

Flying Lily said...

Oh your boys look so cute splashing in the puddles! And that kitten's expression: "Must... Destroy." Precious.

Jamie said...

I am freezing here, it was 21 last night - I know - I know, I am certain you are much colder.

Bear called and said I had a package there - I can't wait. You are toooooooo sweet !!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone there. I hope you have a wonderful one.

Jenny said...

I'm headed north today and I'm not looking forward to the weather but snow does make things look so beautiful! Great blog!

I just got here through HOOFBEATS from the Houston Chronicles blogs and I've enjoyed it thus far. I'm a huge fan of Arabian horses and really excited to hear that we have a finalist for USEF's "Horse of the Year" award.

His name is Adams Fire and he is a wonderful animal. I was just on the Web site and voted. It's been 50 years since we won the award! Adams Fire is very unique in heritage - There are four continents in the first four generations of his pedigree and, as you mention, he is half Arabian and half DHH (Saddlebred, Hackney).

Good luck to him! Keep up the good work! You should also vote. You'll love the awards event:

Kathy C said...

Have a great Christmas! I will send some of our snow down...

Pony Girl said...

Cute picture of Tank and Jane, and Cory on Frankie! He looks like a nice, mellow gelding. Reminds me a lot of my cousins palomino, who I think is Skipper W bred and just the nicest horse!
Have a merry Christmas, I hope you get the white you are looking for. We've had it for 11 days and it won't be gone by tomorrow!

Melanie said...

Hope that you had a great Christmas!!! I love the pictures that you took from the inside of the barn looking out. Your boys looked like they were having a great time in those puddles! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

I just saw his mention here so I thought I would share.

I was just on Facebook and discovered Adams Fire's fan page. You should join. I wonder if other horses have one of these. It's pretty neat.

Check it out here:

Gecko said...

Aww those kitty pictures are just WAY too cute!! =) It's great to be back online so I can get back to ready your blog again, hehe. There's no getting away from me now! *evil laugh*