Monday, December 15, 2008

The busy bee

Yes that's me the busy bee. Only it is winter and bees don't hang out in this cold white stuff that is flying around here at my house.

I had all good intentions of getting back sooner but stuff just kept popping up.
I did the tree decorating at the car dealership and it went well, I forgot to bring the camera and sorry to tell ya I am not driving all the way back down there to snap a photo. The owners wanted a vintage kind of tree so I found some old fashioned bulbs and really cool old car ornaments to decorate it I even managed to borrow a hub cap from the service area for the tree topper. It came out cute.

The second part of the job was to decorate the owner's mother's house. When I arrived at a beautiful old stately house a small frail woman opened the door and stole my heart. Her name was Marge and she was quite lovely and so was her home.
She had the tree and all the trimmings, she just could not do it herself and apparently neither one of her children could find the time. How sad.....

I did spend a lovely morning with her putting up her tree and decorating just the way she wanted it. I felt like an impostor, I mean there I was putting up ornaments her kids had made her way back in elementary school. I tell you after having tea and cookies at Marge's insistence, I left and cried my eyes out all the way home.
I had such raw emotions from that experience. I really miss my Mom at the holidays and I guess the fact that they were to busy for her just made me sad. But... I am thankful that the Lord let me brighten her day and provide her with a nicely decorated tree.

OK, enough of that and onto horse news.

I went to see Frankie on Friday morning and I forgot the dang camera again. I guess I need to tie it to my neck these days. Anyway, Cory has taken over the training of Frankie as he says Mike is spoiling him. I got to the barn before Cory so I groomed him and discovered in fact he is spoiled. He would not pick up any of his feet for cleaning without me nudging the fetlock with my boot. This led to a training session of my own on how to pick up our feet and stand nicely. Cory rode him and he was very responsive, he is working on getting him in frame and coming back to his hand.
Cory calls this stage putting a face on them. He explained what and why he was doing what he was working on and I enjoyed watching. I will not ride him for about 30 more days, but I do not mind the weather stinks being so cold and all.

The next news I have followed that Friday afternoon. I told you Tank was lonely and depressed and off his feed slightly right? Well, he was and I had to do something about it. So...... our family has grown again, at least for the near future.

What did I do???

Well , I borrowed Jane...

Jane is well, she is .....


Yes! She is a donkey!

I borrowed her from a good friend and she is just adorable and my kids love her!

That is my Christmas card up there y'all . Seriously.

So Jane now joins our family until well, not sure I guess as long as we need her.

Happy trails..


Train Wreck said...

Oh I Love that you were able to help "Marge" That is sad, I hate to hear stories like that. Take a min, it is worth it. God bless you for being there, I am sure it meant the world to her.
I love your Christmas card! That donkey is the cutest! Good to be home, I missed everyone

Flying Lily said...

What an adorable donkey!!! and bless your heart for helping Marge with her tree. I'm sure she is very happy with it gracing her home and maybe her kids will show up. :( Hubcap on a tree at a car dealers is a very cute idea.

Reddunappy said...

Its realy cool that you were able to help Marge and spend the time with her, it what christmas is all about.