Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hi all, sorry about the non posting but as some of you may have seen on the news my town is a flooded wasteland right now. I did make the ride part of the weekend before coming home to rescue the horses and deal with the flood. I have no internet right now so I am at the library in town jotting this note. I have it better than most here, I do have a house and very little damage to it and I have electricity and water. My house has been a haven for neighbors in need of AC and a shower. The town still has no water but hopefully by today it will be fixed. Every road around my house is either heavily damaged or completely gone, making traveling extremely hard and expensive. Today I had to drive six miles out of the norm just to get into town.
Each day they discover more damage to bridges and roads now that the water is receding. We have no hospital, it was flooded with 11 feet of water on the first floor. Two people drowned in the flood waters. I have been helping place animals in temporary homes and getting them back to their owners for the last few days. I will post more when I am back up and running at home and of course post pictures of the ride with Best of America. I hope my pals in Wisconsin haven't been subjected to this also, I saw on the news they are flooding too. Pray for us!
Happy trails....


Kathy C said...

Glad to hear you've had little damage. We were hit hard but survived with just a few scratches. The town just west of us lost their damn and their lake, a major tourist attraction for WI.

Our fields are soggy, but we still have hay to harvest, unlike some around us who have nothing.

Bless you for helping all those who need it.

Callie said...

Sorry to hear all of that. Our area, Wisconsin, has been walloped! Hope that things dry up soon!

Mrs Mom said...

Was worried about you out there, but figured you were a tough gal ;) and you would let us know the skinny when you could. REALLY glad to hear all is OK (relatively) though. Keeping everyone out in that storm wracked area in our prayers here!

Pony Girl said...

TRC, I am so sorry to hear this news. I am glad your place escaped the worst of it. It is good you are helping out others. Last fall we had something similar happen in our area. It was awful, farmers lost generations (hundreds) of dairy cattle in one day. It is amazing what mother nature is capable of. It makes me realize that we all need to be prepared for anything, not only for ourselves, but for our pets and livestock, too!
Hang in there and keep us posted!