Monday, June 23, 2008


I had the perfect post in mind tonight, then I decided to go out and feed the horses before I began my typing. Harley met me at the gate with his wonderful whinny as if to say "here I am MOM!" I really think he is happy to be home with Tank again. It is a beautiful night and I remembered that while I was riding Harley today I spotted lots of ripe wild black raspberries. With my trustee feed scoop in hand I braved the man eating deer flies and thorns to get some of those delicious goodies!

I am nothing if not resourceful. The light was fading so I had to pick fast. With all the rain we have had it looks to be a bumper crop this year. I think I ate as many as I put in my scoop tonight. YUM.... here is the evidence, how does that go?
caught red handed.....

My mind was racing with all the wonderful things I could make out of these wonderful little treats. For those of you who do not know I am a little Martha Stewart. I can salsa, pickles and put up corn and beans from my garden each year. I can be quite the cook when I so choose. What will become of these little darlins???

I did manage a short ride on Harley today when wee one was sleeping and even tried a new saddle. More on that in another post. Harley was good, despite being harassed by the horseflies and deer flies incessantly. I guess they too are having a bumper year from the rain. Well I am off to dream sweet thoughts of my little prize I picked tonight.
Happy Trails.....


Mrs Mom said...

LMAO--- girlfriend, somehow, I DOUBT you would be anywhere NEAR as annoying as friggin Martha Stewart!!!

The berries looked yummy... with the dry here, I dont think we are going to get very many. Bummer!!

So ya gotta keep us posted on what you make from them!!

Pony Girl said...

Oh I remember picking berries all the time when I was younger....we use to out them in ziplocs and sell them at a little stand! ;) Or my mom would make a pie....or we'd put them on top of vanilla ice cream. Nothing like 'em!
Last year, when I was leasing and the horses were at a stable, we'd ride on trails that had them growing and I'd eat them a long the way. I was always a little worried they weren't washed though, lol!

Gecko said...

OH YUMMO!!! I love Mulberries (not sure of the correct spelling there). My neighbour has a bunch of Mulberry trees and we used to muster down there and we'd pull a couple of handfuls when we were riding home. But it's since been sold and even though we get along with the new owners really well I'm not game enough to ask to take their berries, haha!