Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Round Two of Weather Hell.

Ok, enough of the weather already. Yesterday was another whopper storm day. Lots of wind, lightning and rain that I do not need. Also, more tornados..... A little closer to home this time. Last evening I had to fetch the kiddos from their snug beds at 10 pm when the sirens started blaring. Luckily I heard them, they are some three miles from my house out here in the sticks. Was weighing my options of trying to run for the creepy basement which requires going outside or hiding in the closet under the stairs. Fortunately my neighbor called and insisted I get in the car and drive next door to her house. Meanwhile my husband who is on the road, is calling every three minutes stressing me out! I was trying to stay calm as I hurried my kids to the car while my 5 year old kept asking "why are we going to Sharon's?". The tornado came within 5 miles of us but disipated and we went unscathed except for some tree limbs. The people to the west of us were not so lucky..... two people died and the town lost several houses and a covered bridge that was over a hundred years old. Today was rough storms but no tornadoes, thank you God!

Needless to say I did not ride the Harley man today but I did capture some still pictures off the video that I cannot get to post. These are from the show a few weekends ago and I hope you enjoy them.

Happy trails....


Pony Girl said...

Gee TRC, that is SO scary! I am glad you are all okay. What do you do with horses if there is a tornado? Where is it the safest for them to be? We do not have tornados here. Just earthquakes...and no warning for those!
Thanks for sharing the and Harley look great!! He is such a lovely color of bay.

Callie said...

Crappy weather, now headed our way! Wow, nice action photos! You go girl!!

Mrs Mom said...

Holy Crap TRC.... Be safe up there will ya????

Great shots of you and Harley!!!

Keep up the regular posting here, sos we all know you guys are OK out there. ;) We will worry if we dont hear from you!

Gecko said...

Wow, I cannot even begin to imagine the horror you must have felt knowing a tornado was in the area...I'm so glad we don't have them here!! I hope it scurries off in a put it nicely!