Thursday, June 19, 2008

The art of selling or buying a horse

Hi folks, as most of you know I am in the market for a new horse and I have Harley up for sale. I wanted to share some thoughts on selling and buying a horse since I am in the thick of it and am shocked with what I am finding on both ends. Let's begin with the selling of a horse. Foremost in my mind's eye is to be dead honest about the horse you are selling. Some people have told me to only speak of Harley's attributes and not the negatives I see in him (confirmed kid biter!). I personally do not want it on my conscious if he were to go and bite some body's kid and hurt them or just emotionally scar them. Second be realistic on what your horse is worth, yes I think he is grand and should be a ten thousand dollar horse but let's face it, the market stinks and horses like him are a plenty. Do list all of his accomplishments and what you think he may be a prospect for but don't embellish the truth of it, that will only reflect bad on you when someone actually tries the horse and finds he cannot do it. Return emails or phone calls promptly when someone inquires on your horse. Have decent pictures available or a video if you can manage,nothing worse than getting the " I'll try to get some pictures tonight" line come on you are selling something be prepared. Have a safe environment for someone to try the horse and be able to ride him and have your undivided attention while they are there. PLEASE remove your horse's ad from online or bulletin boards if he is sold, can't tell you how many phone calls and emails I have made to get the line OH, I sold him months ago. Hello! my time is valuable as is yours, take the time to review your ads and delete them when you sell a horse. If you are advertising horses for sale on your website, for heaven's sake update the dang thing when you sell or get new horses.

Let's get to the buyer's part. Be honest with yourself on your riding abilities and do not look at horses which are clearly above your level. Have a budget in mind on what you want to spend on a horse, don't be a tire kicker and waste people's time.
Do not call people late at night and ramble on about your horses and your abilities, have a list of questions which will give you a general idea if you should go and try the horse. Show up on time if you make an appointment to see a horse, a teacher once told me if you show up for a 9 o'clock appt at 9 then you are late already.
Do bring a trainer or friend for a second opinion on the horse. Ride the horse as you if you already owned him, try everything you would do normally when riding.
Don't rush into a decision, I never have bought a horse on the spot! Sleep on it, and give it much thought. Do have a vet check! This is an investment like it or not you may have to sell this animal one day due to circumstances.

Just my random thoughts on the subject I am sure there are many points I missed, feel free to give me your thoughts as always.
Happy trails......

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