Sunday, March 29, 2009

These are the days of our lives

Crud, I have been away way to long again. I do have good excuses and the first being that I had that damn dreaded flu! I had never had the flu before and I do not want it again.

My life is resembling a soap opera lately, but with me playing all the characters. You know the super mom who conquers everything, the sinister bitch who out maneuvers everyone she can, the victim who is forever drowning in self sorrow and finally the happy go lucky gal that takes it all in stride.

No I have not nipped on to much thera flu medicine. Let me explain.....

No surprise that yes I am the super mom juggling two small fries daily by myself and caring for the two steeds and the farm here. Throw in a bad case of the flu and man it becomes really difficult. I literally did not get out of bed for two days except to potty or feed my kids when necessary, I am so NOT that girl but the body demanded it. I am happy to tell you I am over the worst of the flu and all I have left are the ever present mucus blues. I think I could break the genius book of records for coughing the most times in an hour, hell in a minute.

In the midst of the sickness, we had a foster pet again.

This is "Blue" he is actually a kitten from the same litter as orphan "Annie" the kitten we found that fell through the barn floor last October. Yes, we still have Annie and are keeping her. Blue has been hanging around the horse barn for the last couple of months and we have tried to capture and tame him several times. He was WILD! Then this week he just decided to come up to the garage by the house where Annie lives and join the family. He even let us approach him and pet him eventually.
So, we have gotten him shots and neutered and a bath and he is on the rescue website and currently at the Kitty Condo in the local Petco for some exposure so hopefully he will be adopted.

I am happy to tell you we have a bonafide offer on the house and pray with me that it comes to fruition. I have been packing all unnecessary stuff for a month now and it is starting to look barren in here. Which brings me to the next topic.

As most of you know I have been trying to find a place in Kentucky to live and this week something came available that sounded right. So, against my poor ailing body's wishes I drove down to Georgetown, Ky and looked at a house on Thursday. The realtor thought it would be leased by Friday so I did it. The house was perfect!
Just what we needed. It is an older farm house, completely redone on an acre of land within the confines of Valkyre Stud
farm! A beautiful farm that raises thoroughbreds for race and sale. I did some fancy footwork convincing the realtor why I needed this house. I am happy to tell you that yesterday we signed the lease and it is to be!

The best part of this house is that it is a mere 5 minutes from BFF Susan's house!
That is where Frankie and Jane will be residing. I promise to show you some pictures real soon of the place. My favorite room so far is the kitchen, as I gaze out the bank of back windows I see mares and foals grazing on that Kentucky bluegrass. What a view!

Happy trails....


Mrs Mom said...

Girl that is TOTALLY EXCELLENT NEWS about the houses!! Fingers crossed and prayers being sent that yours sells this time too. The new place sounds simply AMAZING. Can't wait to see pix.

Have you taken any Mucinex? That was the ONLY thing that helped me kick the fricken flu when we had it here.

Loads of luck your way!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've made a lot of progress despite the flu - good luck with the move but it's great to know where you'll be going.

JAN'S PLACE said...

you DO have a lot going on..sounds like a plate that is way to full.. and I am sorry that it appears all you could do, is ride it out! Sounds wonderful about the new house.. looking at mares and babies out your kitchen window.. doesn't get any better than that!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! So happy for you. Seeing beautiful views and horses are the perfect tonic to the sick, tired and weary soul.

Congrats on your new digs!

Feel better soon!


word verification: 'scone'

Mmmm! A scone would make you feel pretty good, too, eh?

Ali said...

Oh that sounds wonderful! I love Georgetown (and surrounding area), my husband lived down there for a while when he was in college, he worked at Toyota for his co-op. Always wanted to move down there, it was crazy to see the housing explode while he was there! You are so lucky to be moving to the farm, what wonderful views you will have!

allhorsestuff said...

Wowee! I am so amazed with how much got done in/through your illness! A womans gotta do what she has gotta do.
I am so happy for you to have your BF right there and have her caretake your lovely horsefaces too!
That is my line at present, and I am loving it!
Oh so good...these are the days!

That kitten would be ours if we lived man has ALWAYS wanted a gray kitten. Bless his heart, good timing on coming around too!

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness!!! Your new house sounds like it is just beautiful, and I can't wait to see pics of it.

I am sorry that you have been so sick. There sure are some nasty bugs out there right now!:)

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Well.... so glad you're on the mend! Congrats on the house in "truly God's country"! That would be my dream to live in Kentucky bluegrass country gazing at mares and foals frolicking! Heaven! Lucky you! Now to check out that website listed. Have a good one!