Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still kicking

Hi all,

I know, I know, I have been away to long again....

I have been meaning to blog but just could not get there. I am taking the time to catch you up on things this morning before the day gets away again.

Let's see.....last post was my b day post. hmmmn what's been going on? Well, for my Birthday I rode Frankie out back which led to some pretty undesirable behavior from him when Jane started to bray. You see I put her in the stall this time and he could not see her from where I was riding. Every time she brayed he would answer and try to whirl toward the direction of the barn. This did not make me happy so I decided we would work even harder when he tried these antics. He actually tried a half rear and lunge forward trick. I wasn't to fazed by it just more agitated by the nonsense more than anything. We all survived and ended on a good note. My BFF
Susan sent me these lovely flowers

Amazingly they are still going strong today and adorn my kitchen center island.

I truly cannot remember what I did all last weekend .. sad huh? Well there is a reason for that which I will tell you about soon.

On Sunday, I called Tiffany and checked her status on moving.... there have been some issues with her new house and she informed me it was delayed for two weeks.
Yippee! Oh I know I shouldn't be happy about it but I am. You see I really wanted to go riding with her some more, so we devised a plan for Monday and I called some other friends in Ohio and invited them along. We arranged a babysitter for my two young ins and Tiffany's two sprouts and away we went.

Since Frankie did so well the last trip I decided to try saddle bags on him this trip. The plan was to ride to the small town of Story and have lunch at a quaint little Bed and Breakfast. There are hitching rails for the horses and it is really horse friendly. We met up a pre designated place with Terry and Julie and headed out to Brown Co State Park. It was the gals from Ohio first trip there. We arrived to find just a few trailers parked and proceeded to unload. Of course Frankie did not want to back out of the trailer, Ugh! So another training session on that and we reluctantly let him walk out forward again. Terry brought her three year old buckskin filly Jesse, and Julie brought her paint Scout. Yes, we did have a laugh at how Julie could be Tonto on Scout and I could be the lone ranger on Silver.
We discussed how challenging of riding we wanted to do as there are several ways to get to the town of Story. The girls opted for challenging, Tiffany warned them of my, fondness of the challenge in trail riding. Actually, I was unsure how Frankie would handle the trail I was going to take. There are lots of uphill climbs and some pretty nasty trench/rocks to negotiate. There was nothing to worry about the horses all did a fabulous job and we did arrive at our destination. Only to find......... the B&B was closed! Ugh! we were hungry and really looking forward to a nice lunch.

Tiffany and Terry relaxing on a picnic table lamenting our loss of lunch.

Terry's filly Jesse

One tired little Frankie
Note the hanging head a rear leg cocked, he worked hard.

After a nice rest and water for the horses we saddled up and took the easy route back to camp. We of course had to have another round of backing out of the trailer lessons with Frankie which went well. I think the key is to have him so tired he cannot think about it. We stopped for our late lunch early dinner on the way home and called it a day.


Monday night my oldest awoke me in the wee morning hours to tell me he hurt all over and he had a fever of 102 degrees. Great....
He seemed better by Wed so we packed up and headed to Ky to scope out more houses and schools for the boys since it was their week of spring break. The youngest came down with the hurts and fever Thursday night and was delirious during the night.
A call to Tiffany to warn her and she informed me her littlest was suffering the same and she went to the doctor and he confirmed.... Influenza A. Oh joy! Now I have it and am aching and coughing and running the fever. Hence, I cannot remember what day it is less likey what happened last weekend. I will survive, just mad cause it is a beautiful weekend and I feel crappy. Oh well, now you know the rest of the story.

Happy trails...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your illnesses - all of you get better! At least it sounds like you had a good birthday!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh, lovely fun and you ride like I do..I am into the challenging trails sometimes too! The mare is getting such a great neck and muscle group for the stretching looking for the trail and logs and rocks.
Sorry the BnB was cool is that to have a hitchin' post! you are feeling peuny bout now still..hope you can get restored soon.
Soo glad you got that ride in!

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog, and I really enjoy it. I am from Indiana also, Bedford area. If you like Brown County, you should really try some of the Midwest Horse camp trails, in Hoosier National Forest. Those are the ones I used to ride a lot. By the way, Frankie is beautiful, I ride a light palamino mare, so I am partial to lighter colors.
Silverville, IN

Anonymous said...

What a bummer. Get well soon - the good ridin' weather is coming.