Monday, March 9, 2009

A tease but I'll take it

The weather she is teasing me, it has been in the 60's and supposed to be 70 again tomorrow then plummet back to the 40's. ugh! I know this happens every March, has my whole life even in sunny Fl the weather stunk in March. I happen to know because my B day falls this month any guesses which day? Hmnn. ... how bout a contest!
Great idea, I will award one of my cowgirl bracelets to the one who guesses correctly or comes the closest. No fair family or BFF Susan or Tiffany you guys know already. I will tell you it has not happened yet but pretty soon.

Today I rode the Frankster again, just out by my pond out back. It actually is the only spot I have to ride except for the empty fields but since they were in corn last year they are all stubby and gross for riding. He was the complete gent again and I tried some new stuff with him. I walked him over ground poles today, he tripped and was clumsy at first but got the hang of it with time. We also tried the rope gate today, we were not to successful with this. It wasn't that he was scared of it or anything he just doesn't know how to move his hindquarters on cue.
Well, that is my next project. We have been working on it on the ground now to implement it on his back. My trusty little riding instructor snapped some photos of me today. Not to bad for a five year old!

He loves to take pictures actually and does a better job than me sometimes!

I think I need to teach him about the zoom lens next.

All in all a good day on the Frankie and lots of stuff to work on.Can you see little Jane following us inside the fence? Hope to ride again tomorrow before the weather changes but might be raining, time will tell.

Happy trails....


Mrs Mom said...

I'll play!! I'll PLAY!!!!! hehehe

My guess? March 17! (Yeah, Me Irish Is Showing again! LOL)

You look great up there on Frankie. What a great mind he has!!! And Miss Jane inside the fence is too darn cute!!!

Hope you ride again tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of you and Frankie! What a pretty boy! I'm guessing March 15 - that's my husband's birthday.

Blue Eyed Tango said...

Well since Mrs. Mom took mine, I'll say the 19th. Tell the little one good job at the photo opt. I guess I'll keep posting even though I never hear from you! LOL!

Pony Girl said...

I love those pics of Frankie! The header pic is great. I think he is such a handsome boy, you look great on him.
I guess March 21st for your birthday! ;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey! I was gonna say March 17th, too. hehe! I'll go for March 18th instead.

You and Frankie look great together. I'm glad you are enjoying him and getting some riding time.


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Gecko said...

Damn! I was gonna say the 17th, then the 18th!!! =P But they're both taken! LOL! Okay, I'll go the...13th?