Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ta Dah.....


Today is bigger than I thought!

First let me say this is my 200th post, guess that makes me a blabber mouth!

Second we have a winner!

Thank you all for playing the Birthday game with me. I know on your Birthday you usually get gifts not give, but hey , anyone who knows me knows I am a giver!

Do you want to know who won?

Of course you do!

A great gal who thought her first two choices were best but were already taken
so she chose another and guess what she was right!


No, I am not freaked out by this, I was actually born on Friday the 13th at 3:05 in the afternoon. I was 10lbs 2ounces and I was the sixth child and last in my family.
Guess they saved the best for last! Ha....

And our winner is Gecko our down under friend.

Be a sweet and tell me what size your wrist is and if you like any of my cuffs in particular on the website. If not I will custom make you one! I have your address
from the "Annie" trip.

For the rest of you clueless about "Annie" you will have to check out Gecko's blogs
to figure that out.

Now, I am going to respond to some comments from the last few posts.

Lets all get one thing straight here. Frankie is NOT white! He is a Perlino
and he has a white blaze on his face to further prove he is not white. Not a sore spot with me just more of a running joke here at home. Hubby says he does not like white horses and I keep telling him Frankie is not white!

I really ,really owe Mike Craig a whole lot of thanks for convincing me that this fella was the "one" for me and my family. If you go back and read earlier posts you will see I was uneasy about buying a young horse, not so much his color. So thank you Mike you were right and really do have a gift of matching people with horses.

He really isn't clean. Somehow those photos really make him look bright when in fact he is green and yellow and really smelly. I was thinking of bathing him today if it gets as warm as they say it is going to. If you look back at the trail riding post pictures you can actually see the manure stains on his butt that I cannot scrub off.

I truly am happy with him and see a long and healthy relationship for both of us ahead. Thanks for riding along.

Happy trails........


Blue Eyed Tango said...

Hey there! Good to hear from you! You'll be saying that (about Frankie not being white) for as long as you own him! LOL! We have the same with Romeo. People just don't know much about Perlino genetics. At least you're not getting the he's albino thing or he's a paint! What are his bloodlines anyway, just always interested in it? I guess I look at it as a good way to educate people if they're open to it....most people already have their opinions formed though and are unteachable about the subject. I had a trainer (one we both know) tell me you never see light horses survive in the desert where they all started of course....they die off and are weaker. That's hog wash and besides, we're not in the desert! I've found people love them or hate them. We hope to bring Romeo to at least one of the three shows to just haul and get used to the sites....Rochester, I think since it's the closest....so you'll have Perlino support there...you won't have to be a queen alone!

allhorsestuff said...

Haha! Okay, he is Perlino..your personal PEARL!

Anonymous said...

lots to celebrate... best way to cheer.. on the trail

happy happy

Pony Girl said...

Congrats on the 200th post! And happy b-day a few days early. I'll be out celebrating w/a friend whose birthday is also that day, so I will have a drink for ya! ;)

Gecko said...

Ohh so it really isn't long til your birthday!!?!?! Thankyou!!!! =) My wrist is 19cm (7.5inches), and send me whatever you would like!!! Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

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Melanie said...

Awww schucks...I missed a give away post...lol!!!

Just in case I don't get back here in time...Happy Birthday girl!!!!
And on the 13th no less!!!

I once had surgery on Friday the 13th. Thank goodness everything went fine! :0

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday, if I do not get by tomorrow.
Mine is Wed. All great people are born in March...LOL
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Birthday

Gecko said...

I recieved the bracelet today, THANKS sooo much!