Sunday, August 2, 2009

Note from the road

Hi kids!

I realized today as I sat on the beach that I have been neglecting you. Yes, I said beach. No, there is no beach in Ky that I am aware of. I am in sunny and sometimes stormy South Florida visiting family. It was a last minute trip and one I am glad we took. Life has been really hectic and busy this summer and a nice trip here puts things in perspective.

Frankie is of course back home gorging on bluegrass getting fatter by the moment. That is OK, I have something planned for him when I get home. Another horsey trip!
Not to far from home but a new place to go try for a few days with girlfriends.

So far we have had a pool party with my family, a pizza party also and a beach bash today. They are all heading back South to Miami today and we will stay here in Port St Lucie for a few more days and visit hubby's family before heading out on Wednesday for home. School starts the 10th for our oldest and we must be back on Friday for the big orientation at the new school.

Just wanted to drop a line and say hello from the road. Hopefully, things will resume back to normal one of these days and I can post regularly again. Miss you guys but am enjoying the beach!


Mrs Mom said...

Ya goober!! Headed to FL and ya didn't call when you hit GA huh? ;)

Thats OK- we still love you. Have an awesome time and a safe trip home!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know where you are! Beaches, huh? Sounds nice!

allhorsestuff said...

Hiya sweets! Oh you are living the life and I am soooo glad too!
Frankie will be all rested up for you next outing too...seeya soon I hope!
Kacy w/ Wa mare~