Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm home

Well HI everyone!

I am finally back in the bluegrass and happy to be here. It seems I brought the hot weather from Florida with me though. It was 91 degrees here yesterday. We haven't seen any heat here since June, I guess all good things must come to an end.

I won't bore you with the Florida trip details, it is something we must do at least once a year for family sake. I know I sound like an ingrate but man.... the planning and packing and traveling with the wee ones wears me out. Not to mention the ag factor when I get there. But we did manage some fun and got to see my family and I must say my kids adored the beach.

This is what shear joy looks like!

My littlest was content to run and play in the surf and build sandcastles with mommy all day.

Dad and the oldest did brave the surf and had some swimming time, but for the most part we did alot of this.

You will notice there a no pictures of me on the beach. I officially started the plan again today to drop the extra pounds I have packed on. I simply must get back in shape and get riding Mr Frank more often.

Which, actually I did yesterday!

Susan and I headed over to the park by our house for some new trails......

It was super hot and humid and Frank was sweating bullets and the ground was slippery from all the rain we have been having but he was a real gem again.
Such a nice colt he is.....

This is one of the shady trails we opted for yesterday. The big black horse flys were in abundance and Payback was sporting her quarter sheet for protection. Susan has learned the hard way to use this as Payback bucks huge when one lands on her.
Frankie did not seem fazed by the bugs, I did spray him well with the Pyrahna aerosol spray, It rocks!

Here is Susan an Payback in a clearing before we head back into the woods for shade!
We rode for about two hours and called it a day. A very nice relaxing Sunday morning.

The little ones started school today so I am aiming for riding more now. My goal is at least three days a week. Hopefully I can do it and get going on some of the things I really want to work on with Frankie.

Hope you all are having a great start to the week!

Happy trails.......


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You're lucky to have a good horse that you can just get on and ride on the trails after a break - he is indeed a good boy!

gtyyup said...

Glad to hear you had a great trip...well deserved.

School already?!? My...where did the summer go?! That'll be good for you to get more riding in on Frank.

Wonderful trail ride too. Looked like a beautiful ride.

Welcome back~~

phaedra96 said...

Makes me so glad that I no longer have to do the school thing. I, too, went riding when they were in school; then decided to homeschool. That became a whole new ballgame!!