Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Donk is tame I swear

Since moving to the bluegrass there have been many changes to horse life around here.
For one the horse and donkey are no longer in my backyard or my care all the time.
Although I do see them everyday and clean their stalls and them some things are not in my control. One thing that is in my control is the farrier. I of course had to find a new one being that my farrier did not want to travel three hours to do two animals unless I agreed to pay him copious amounts of money! I don't blame him.

So..... enter the new farrier Juan Carlos. He has a nice rig, well equipped and seems genuinely interested in how I want my horses done. I made sure I asked if he would trim a donkey before we got started. He was a little apprehensive but said yes he would try to do the donkey. I assured him that Jane was the best little donkey ever and that she would give no problems being trimmed.

Look at her! Does she look like she would hurt anyone???

We ended up having five head to trim and shoe that day, Jane included.
I brought out Frank and explained that I wanted shoes put on the front and that I wanted him at a 55 degree angle. I also told Juan Carlos that he needed to be quiet and gentle since Frank has not had shoes on before and not been handled that much.
He was extremely patient with Frankie and did a great job putting the shoes on.
I need to put on shoes since Frankie had an old injury to his right front and had bad cracking and I was worried that with riding I was going to destroy that foot further. I asked JC if he would like to do Jane next, he declined and said bring another horse out. This happened until the Jane was the last one to be done. I was snickering to myself, knowing that he thought my donk was gonna give him fits when he attempted to trim her.

Finally came Jane's turn to be trimmed, I went out to fetch her.

She looks ready to eat someone doesn't she?

I brought her up to his tools and he again asked me if she had been trimmed before.
Well, you could look at her feet and she that yes she had been trimmed regularly.
But I was amused and said, "OH yes, she is great at it!" JC proceeded cautiously with the trimming, especially the hinds. He seemed genuinely surprised that she stood quietly and gave no problems. I asked him why he wanted to do her last and he said that usually the donkeys are a real rodeo to trim. He exclaimed that she was the best donkey he had ever worked on!

We knew that all along!

Happy trails.......


Mrs Mom said...

I'm in love w/ yer "ass"...

Dude that sounds SO wrong.. lmao...

Give that lovely long eared lady a big hug from me, and Frankman too!

Anonymous said...

That is one lovely donkey - I wish I had one just like her.

Melanie said...

She is pretty darn cute!!! I have heard that donkeys and mules can be difficult to trim as well. Maybe it is an old myth that needs to be stopped????

Carol............. said...

She IS very pretty. I have 3 horses and have been looking for a mini donkey......off course, hubby is not so fond of that idea! LOL

allhorsestuff said...

C , Jane, she is the cutest thing!!!
That JC..I keep repeating it outloud..it is too familar..where do in know that name from???huh, if I recall, will let ya know.
I love your new look around here too.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Hey there! How's the Ranch Horse, Frankie doing for you? I must have missed posts about your shows. I think we're planning to go to the one in Rochester in Sept. Not sure who's all going yet. I've got two in training right now and we'll have three to ride....been riding weekly on them at the trainer.....fun stuff! Cutie donkey! Stop by sometime! Luanne

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add another comment on Juan Carlos - he is a wonderful farrier, and so gentle with my pony. He truly is the best around central Kentucky and I wouldn't call anyone else!