Monday, July 20, 2009

As my life churns

Life is just churning along here, busy as usual and not enough hours in my day most of the time. As of late I have been doing the Doctor's office shuffle with the wee ones getting them ready for school days. Who knew moving to a new state meant redoing all your medical records and other such crud. Not to worry they are now enrolled and officially can start school on August 10th, yipes that is soon. I am ready for it as it means some riding time for me and Frankie.

This weekend was a bust booty weekend around here. Hubby and I decided to switch the kitchen appliances out and put ours in here. Not a big deal right? Or so we thought. However, this involved taking all the doors off the two refrigerators and the stoves as they would not fit out the house doors. It turned into a four hour ordeal when all was said and done. But.... I now have my smooth top stove and my bottom freezer/fridge and am rid of that side by side that I detested.

The weekend also brought another round of garden goodies and I put up more green beans than I can describe to you. I need to do another round of pickles this week.

I am also in horse show week here. The IRHA is hosting another show this weekend in Indiana and that means I am swamped with preparations and phone calls regarding the show. Never a dull moment here folks!

I did manage to climb up on the big ole fat creme colored tick I like to call Frankie. Man he is swollen up from the grass here. I need to get some serious riding going here or I will have to dry lot him soon. I had a great phone conversation with Tank's new owner yesterday and she says he is doing very well and is happy with his new herd of friends. I think I am going to try and stop and see him Friday morning on the way to the horse show. I think my poor heart might be ready for it. I told Linda that I may come by and for her hubby not to worry since I will have my trailer with me. She said that was fine but that if I loaded him up and took him she would hunt me down! I am glad she is so in love with him and that he is making someone else's life happy, it truly is the best you could hope for when you re home a special loved one.

Until next time, Happy trails.....


Melanie said...

How come summer is always so busy???? I am glad that you have time to ride though....

PS-I love your new header, and did you get that job at the horse park??

Anonymous said...

Glad you got a ride on the Fat One - I can say that because my mare is fat, fat, fat! It's good to hear that Tank is doing well.

Pony Girl said...

I'm glad Tank is doing well with his new family. That must give you peace. I can't believe your kiddos go back to school on the 10th of August, thank goodness we don't until after labor day! Enjoy all the riding!!

gtyyup said...

School already??? WoW...summer goes by way too fast!

You've been having a great summer. The camping trip sounded and looked like a great time! What a mess with that horse trailer in the ditch...glad the horses were only slightly hurt.

Glad all is well in your new place...hugs to Frankie!

Anonymous said...

sounds almost like what's going on at the inn here sans kids.. but with guests, MIL coming and yup doing a horse show here this weekend

deeep breath for us:)
sit down and ride

Callie said...

I don't think I would have it in me to move around appliances, Yikes! But I ave to agree with you on the frig, I have the same type, freezer bottem and frig top, Love it and hate the side by sides! Wow, that's an early start to school! Bet the kids aren't so thrilled!