Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I love summer! I like the heat, the sun, the pool and all the fresh veggies from my garden. I like canning the goods from my harvest. But dag gone it is sooooo... busy.
I just am not finding the time to sit and blog anymore. I miss reading about your lives and adventures. I miss telling you about my so called life.

But with the boys home and the newness of this place and finding my way around I find the days just fly by. Not to mention I am judging shows, doing show secretary work and planning the next horse show for the Indiana Ranch Horse Association.

I am managing to ride Frankie some and he is being a good guy. He is adjusting to life by himself in the pasture and has hardly given me any antics when I ride him alone. I am hoping to take him South to a friends house with cattle to start tracking them and see how he does.

I have a good lead on a job at the horse park again and am hoping that I get an interview at least. Just part time but at this point I think that is all I could add on to this crazy schedule of mine.

I judge a 4H fair show next Saturday and the IRHA show is the end of the month so things are at a brisk pace as usual. I have a few more judging jobs this summer as well.

Looking forward to the weekend when I can relax and swim in the pool with my little fellas. But first, I must go and set that dratted pool up.......
Ah the joys of motherhood!

Happy trails......


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything's going well for you and Frankie. Certainly don't feel the need to blog if you don't have the time!

Mrs Mom said...

Amen on the BUSY front!! Know the feeling all too well these days. At least I don't have to fight with a pool to set it up- Thank God for the LAKE! LOL

Kisses to Frankie and the boys and Jane too! Miss you too!

Melanie said...

Why is it that summers-well life in general!-are so busy??? LOL!!!
Glad to hear that you are still managing to have fun though...

Have fun judging. I always said that I was going to get a judges card, but here I am, at 34, with no card. What's up with that? :)