Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Queen for a day....

When I checked my inbox this morning I was pleasantly surprised by not one, not two but three awards! I feel like a Queen! Whoo HOO! If I had a voice I would cheer. The crud has moved to my chest now and I am hacking like a three pack a day smoker, no I do not smoke. Any who
I am deeply moved that you folks think my blog is worthy of any awards, I mean after all it is just my ramblings and rants from day to day. My first award which is one I am so happy to receive is.......

Better Than Gold Award Honorary Pony Cousin

Can you believe it??? I am an honorary Pony Cousin!! If I had wings I would fly my big ole butt right over to the west coast and join in all the fun these gals have.
They certainly have a fun time and make me wish for my own pony cousins.
Thank you Middle of the road for
bestowing this fabulous award upon me!

The next two awards are the I love your blog award!

This lovely gem was actually awarded to me by two separate ladies:
Saddle Mountain Rider and Latigo Liz Thank you both for sharing this award and for reading my blog.

The rules are to
1. Post the award on your blog
2. Put a link to the award giver
3. Name others for the award

Yes I probably changed the rules but whatever, I have never been known to follow rules :-)

I think I will send this award onto a few bloggie friends as well:
1. Seatbelt for my saddle - Southland blogger and fellow trailrider
2. Gecko Musings - Australian gal who keeps me laughing and helps with my cattle fix
3. Cowboys, Kids and Sunsets - Neat blog I have been stalking lately
4. Pony girl rides again - This girl keeps me in stitches, love her writing

There are so many others who deserve it and some have already achieved this award so I will just say thanks to all of you for sharing your stories of life with horses.

I will get that post on my chinks done sometime here soon, hang in there.
Happy trails.....


Mrs Mom said...

Girlll- feel better!!

And WHOOOHOOO! CONGRATS on the awards! You Deserve Them!!!!!

Hey -- LOVE the new blue. I gotta learn how to change the colors on mine.... the Daily Journal Peptobismol Pink is getting to

Callie said...

Congrats! I'm an honorary pony cousin as well! Yippee!

Jamie said...

Thanks so much.
I don't think anyone much is "lovin'" my blog right now. Gotta get back in the swing of things. Got lots to tell...just been so darn busy.
Went to Seven Springs in Tuscumbia, Alabama this in bees, and Jag tied up....crazy weekend....will post about it soon
Hope you feel better soon.
Thanks again - and I love your blog too !!!

Train Wreck said...

Well hello, Are you part of the "Pony Girl" clan? he! he!
I thank you for "stalking" my page and leaving a comment! AND an Award! (blush) Thank you so much, how thoughtful! I will add you to my corral of "Ponies" No I must read up on your posts!! Thank you agian, And Congratulationg on your Awards!! It is nice to be Queen!!

Gecko said...

Thanks TRC, much appreciated!! =)

Melanie said...

Congrats on your awards, and I hope that you are feeling better!

Paint Girl said...

Glad to have you as a Pony Cousin! Would love to have everyone come on over here to the West Coast for some Pony Cousin rodeo's and trail riding adventures!

Pony Girl said...

Congrats on becoming an honorary member! You'd would love to ride with us! We aren't bling bling (well, I guess a few of us are....) but we love to ride, serious ride! ;)
Okay, I also want to congratulate you on your award, and also thank you for passsing it on to me! ;)