Thursday, September 4, 2008

Check out my chinks!

OK, finally I can post about my chinks! I know I have been teasing you with a post on them for some time now. First a little explanation for those of you unfamiliar with chinks and what they are. Maybe some trivia for those of you who do know what they are.

Chinks are leg coverings similar to chaps only they usually fall just below the knee.
I guess they would be sorta like half chaps for the western rider. Hee hee.
Chinks are usually worn by working cowboys and cowgirls during ranch work. They are short enough to allow the rider to perform daily tasks without tripping over them each time they exit the saddle to mend fence, doctor cow etc....

They usually have fringe although not always. Do you know why they have fringe??
The fringe originated to help the water from rain run off the leather legging.
A tidbit I just learned recently.

I wear my chinks when trail riding and competing at shows. Can't help but think if I had these when at Buffalo river I wouldn't have been stung so many times by those bees.

Without further ado I introduce you my new chinks:

A close up of the detail

I guess you may have noticed mine are not all that fancy..... I am not a bling girl so I like them sort of plain. They have the stamping up top with the double heart carved in there as well. I really liked the diamond shaped conchos on the wear leathers and I had to have the twisted fringe, just to be different. I got this pair from a girl in Wyoming off of Ebay. These were not the original pair I wanted but they were a lot less expensive. I need to put longer screws on the conchos as I almost lost one last time I wore them other than that I love them.

I promise as soon as I feel human enough to ride I will model them on me for you to see how they look on Harley.

Happy trails....


Latigo Liz said...

Those are AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Cousin!
Love those chinks!
Be sure to render a few guesses on my blog for the latest PC contest. Because you are a Pony Cousin, i will let you in on a few hints:
-You know that Pony Girl has a new header on her blog, right? What is she wearing?
-She Who Rides With Cuisinart was head Chuckwagon on the weekend trip.
-The Divine Ms C loves to "save" horses.
-Palomino Girl is known for her acerbic wit even though she "has fewer miles" on her.
There's a few hints! Should give you a leg up on the contest!

Gecko said...

I've learnt something new today! Yours are very nice!

Anonymous said...

i need to tell you that when the music first came on - i think it was last week - rory and i both jumped.
now we like the songs

Mrs Mom said...

Ooooo love the new toy there girl! The twisted fringe looks wicked cool.

Hey I really REALLY like the blue here too. Can you clue me in how to get rid of that GHASTLY pink over at my daily journal blog? Pretty please with horsey kisses on top???

Melanie said...

Cool chinks...I am jealous ;)

Hope that you are feeling better soon. My kids just started school, and I am already worried about what virus they will bring home to infect us all!!!

Mrs Mom said...

THANK YOU FROGGY!!!! The Daily Journal is now a lovely shade of blue!

G.P. said...

yikes.. those look like ones I had made a while back... awesome and comfy

Train Wreck said...

Those are Gorgeous!! I love the Swirly design!! I want some!!!