Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Progress in frazzle land

Here I am in my own self induced frazzle mania these days, but I am making progress.
I know I am not making sense again..... just my own babbling brain on the fritz.
You see I have way over extended myself again, something I tend to do a lot. It seems I am not happy unless I have fifteen things going and all in different directions. Let me explain this month's craziness.

1) I have a show this weekend I am preparing for.
2) Still getting the big blue trailer put together with my stuff.
3) I am doing a Heritage day festival next weekend with my signs and boxes.
4) I am still cleaning up ten acres of sticks from IKE.
5) Having to run my youngest to school once a week for testing to get into speech
6) The normal day to day junk that comes with being the super MOM.

Hubby is back on the road, which means here I am in single mom status during the week. I am happy to say I think I am done picking up debris from that dang hurricane IKE. I now have two piles the size of school buses to burn eventually.
I think I can mow now without shooting projectiles.

Harley is coming along nicely, I have been riding every other day and this seems to work for him. Last evening we schooled again and I practiced loping over poles for the first time, he jumped them for about the first six times. I worked on side passing down poles and he did OK at that, not great more practice. Then .....drum roll please..... we did the rope, again, and guess what? PROGRESS!! He did not back up when I drug it back to me and when I dropped it on the ground in a coil he barely flinched! YEA! I know silly to get so excited about but I have been diligently working on this aspect. I rode him around it some then side passed over to it and dismounted again. This seems to be working. I AM going to do the trail class this weekend!

As for the signs and such, I have purchased a domain name and am setting up a website to sell them on. It will be called Beyond the Barn Door. Thanks for all your encouragement in my endeavor. I will let you know when it is up and post a link on my blog. Get thinking about your Christmas gifts as I can personalize things.

The big blue trailer is going to make her debut this weekend with the whole family in tow. I am trying to outfit it with all the stuff we need to be comfortable. Well, shall I say my hubby to be comfortable with two small hell=yens. It doesn't take much for me, but he is another coin. I am happy he is coming along and hopefully it will work out.

There you go all caught up with me, I am off to school for the last testing on little man and then got to mow all ten acres today.

Happy trails.....


Train Wreck said...

Good luck with your signs! You should try ebay! and Etsy. They are free and alot of people look there!!

Gecko said...

Fantastic news about Harley, practice makes perfect don't they say! The more he sees of the rope the more he'll ignore it!

Busy busy busy! But the when is life NOT busy having horses? =P

Anonymous said...

Yikes! What a schedule. It's a good thing you are young. I had 2 things to do yesterday...(yay for me, huh?)