Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ships log

Details of the trip to the Carribean.
Day 1: travel in the car from Indiana to Calhoun Ga. Approximately a 7 hour trip and I am already losing my mind! I have listened to all the songs on my Ipod as my husband does not like music playing while he drives and the kid's DVD on Thomas the tank engine and such is driving me batty.

Day 2: more travel in the car from Calhoun, Ga to Ocala Florida. I drove mostly today. Kids are restless and if I stop at one more McDonald's with an indoor playground I will die! We arrive at hotel around 4 and go for a swim, it is 96 degrees and HOT! Have an incredible dinner at the Bone fish Grill, (oh I miss fresh seafood!) then try to catch fireworks as it is 4th of July . Alas, we get thunderstorms and no fireworks except for mother nature.

Day 3: We head out for Port Canaveral to catch the boat ship.
After several phone calls we manage to locate rest of family coming along and we meet up in parking garage. We talked Granny and Grampy into getting wheelchairs for the embarkation process and it worked out slick. We all proceeded together and were on the ship in no time at all.We sailed the Carnival Glory, here is the ship.

After locating the "Lido" deck we had lunch as a family unit, this included My in laws known as granny and grampy, my family of four, my sister in law and her two boys 16 yrs and 20 yrs. We could not get to our staterooms until an hour or so but we toured the decks and had fun watching all the activity in port. We sailed at 4 pm and headed for Nassau, Bahamas.

Day 4: We traveled all night and when we arose we were docking at Nassau. My family and the sister in law family disembarked and went to Paradise Island to view the aquarium at Atlantis. Here are my "boys" hamming it up.

We spent the day shopping in Nassau and of course stopped for Ice cream!

After that it was back on board and we set sail for St Thomas.

In the interest of not making this entry to long I will continue the rest of the trip later.

On other horsey news, Harley seems to be cough free again . Whew! I checked him last night after feeding and again this morning and he seems fine. I am going to climb up and ride him today the first time since I left, hoping it is uneventful. For Pony Girl, my upcoming trip to Buffalo river is an organized trail ride that they put on three times a year. You bring your sleeping quarters and horses and they feed you and show you a good time. They have a band every night and the camp boarders the river so we get to tube! I managed to get river spots this time so we are camping right on the river! Here is the link for their website

OK that's all for now gotta get running and get some things done while I have a babysitter today.

Happy trails....


Chris said...

No music in the car? I go nuts if I can't have a decent song on the radio! Must get cd player in car...

That's some boat!, ship.

Pony Girl said...

That horsey camping trip river sounds amazing! It would be right up my alley. I can't believe they do it 3x per year! What months?

Glad to hear Harley's cough is better. Your cruise looked fantastic. Hard to believe the water is that blue!