Thursday, July 17, 2008

New look.... same me

I guess you all will notice I have changed the look of the blog. No, I have not gone all girly on you or anything like that. Let's just say without a whole lot of drama that I had a good scare with my lovely lady humps and found out on Monday that I am in the clear. So in honor of all those ladies that are enduring or have survived or succumbed to breast cancer I am in the pink for them. My little way of carrying the pink ribbon tradition.

Onto horsey news...... I am sore, sore, sore from riding bareback! I did it again today and Harley boy was a gem I even jogged and loped a piece. I think I may have removed some precious mane from my fella during the lope. My balance was a little better today and in fact I am damn proud that at 41 I can ride bareback! The packing for the trip is going well and I delivered a load to Tiffany's house today. We are driving my husband's new truck and taking Tiffany's new trailer. Her sleeping quarters are larger and for a week that will come in handy. Not to mention it is a seven hour haul and I feel safer with a brand new trailer and all. Harley will look like a midget in there as it is warm blood size! Hot here today we hit 90 for the third time this year. I gave the boys showers and put their fan on inside and turned them out this evening, less bugs and cooler for them. No sign of the cough from Harley so I think we are good there. While I was riding I discovered my blackberries are now ripe! Yea! I can sneak some in before my trip. Going out first light to pick the delicious little devils. Also, the neighbor came over with the first sweet corn of the season, I just had to grill some up for dinner. With those tasty little visions I leave you until tomorrow.
Happy trails.....


Jamie said...

Have a great time, wish I could join you guys, but already have committments - getting ready for a show next gotta practice.
Yeah on the good results, and I love the new look.
Take lots of pics and you and Harley have a great ride.

Gecko said...

First off, glad to hear everything is clear!!!

Oh I hear you about bareback. I went for a ride on my old girl last week, the first ride in a few months and the next day I could bearly walk!! LOL!! How sad!

Pony Girl said...

Oh yummy, corn and blackberries! I love it!

It would be amazing to have a trailer with sleeping quarters! I can only imagine the rides and travel I'd go on.

I like the pink blog! ;) And good news all clear, too! It's the template/color my sister uses for her blog, except hers is private. I encouraged her to go pink because she loves pink and has a lot of pink horsey gear. She also has mares so that is more acceptable, LOL!

The Knutson's said...

I am glad to see that you and your family had a great vacation too!

I am also glad that your "girls" checked out alright. Scares involving "them" are not fun.
Go pink!!!

I have been riding bareback too. I always rode bareback when I was growing up, but it definitely has taken some getting used to now that I am older, and have not ridden for ten years :)

Glad to see that you are enjoying your summer. A horseback riding/camping trip is in the near future? No fair!!! Sounds like fun.