Monday, February 4, 2008

Picture day

Well here are some pictures of the horses of past. It took some digging around in the basement but I managed to find them.

They are backwards in order but you get the jist. This is Dunnit as a weanling.

This is horse #2 Cherokee
Don't make fun of my teenage fashions, I was clueless. Check out the white buckstitch belt.

This is Stella age 8 months..

This is Mr Specks horse #1.
I actually forgot that horse number 3 should have been a quarter cross mare named Brandy. I had her only 6 months. I had to sell her when my brother broke his neck in a water skiing accident . The accident left him paralyzed from the neck down and he came home to live with us. There was no time or money for horses so I sold brandy. I did not find her picture or one of splashdance yet. This was fun for me to look back at them and remember each one for the times we shared and the things that they each taught me.

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