Saturday, February 9, 2008

Forget the groundhog!

Ok, I know Phil the groundhog saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter but my horses say different. I have been away in Chicago again for a few days and upon my return found the boys to be crusted in yummy grey mud. After the cruddy week we had my hubby decided to leave the boys out while I was away since the temps were in the 40's.
I really know that he was just avoiding handling Harley who plays with him since he is the unruly teenager at our house. Harley has a great game that he likes to play when it is time to come in. First he will charge across the pasture up to the gate at full speed then when you approach him he will whirl around and run full speed away. My husband will have no part of this play routine, he justs chucks the hay over the fence and tells Harley to enjoy his evening outside. Tank secretly snickers from the warm soft confines of his stall, he thinks Harley is a loon.

Today I attacked the mud and to my surprise the boys are shedding!
Yes, shedding. Not just a little, I mean fur flying tumbleweeds in my barn. Of course we are supposed to plummet back into the teens again tonight and have wind chills of 20 below tomorrow. So..... back on go the blankets tonight and the ground will be frozen tomorrow again....
At least Harley has a knot free mane again and I know spring is around the corner, because after all horses don't lie........

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Rising Rainbow said...

Knot free manes, I wish I had more of those around here. My horses are blowing coat as well. I have no idea what this weather is up to but I'll sure be glad when spring arrives.