Tuesday, January 25, 2011

horse of a different color

I am gonna put myself out there and do a post on prejudice. I believe it comes in many aspects and not just to mankind. I have some experience in this because well....I ride a horse of a different color, literally and physically.

I have never been one to be shy to say exactly what is on my mind at anytime or place in my life. This is a blessing and a curse. Not long ago when I was on my search for a new horse Frank came along. I will admit it was his color that threw me, for more reasons than one. I have always been a fan of colored horses, have been owned by Appaloosa's, Paints and Pintos. I have never really considered a horse of Frank's color. Heck I will be honest, did not even no Perlino was an existing color. AQHA did not recognize the color until just a few short years ago regardless of parentage.

I did some research before I bought Frank because of my lack of knowledge on his coloration and if there were any known problems because of it. I had heard rumors and tales from well meaning friends and acquaintances that they sunburn, flys are attracted to them, and that their eyesight is poor because of the blue eyes. I was also told that they would be hard to keep clean, wouldn't get used in a show class because of the eyes, etc. etc.

Just what is a Perlino? How does a grey stallion and a black mare throw a perlino?
Genetics are a wonderful thing, I know cause I have my mama's thighs.....
Basically to make light of a very serious subject, a Perlino is a double dilute both parents lack the red gene. They are in a sense a buckskin reversed. There is a wonderful website filled with all sorts of fun facts to check out here .

I will tell you I fell in love with the Frank despite all the brew ha ha over his coloration. Some facts:
1) yes he is a bit dirtier than a darker horse but not as bad as feared.

I have helpers for cleaning anyway!

2) He does not sunburn, for unlike a horse with white on it he has pigment.
3) I notice as many flys on his horse friends as are on him.
4) Yes he squints in direct sunlight,(so do I!) we use a fly mask when we are out. I do not notice any difference in his eyesight.
5) Yes , unfortunately I do believe there has been prejudice against his color in a show atmosphere.
6) He is the most mild mannered horse I know.

My oldest getting ready to ride!

7)A good horse is a good horse no matter the color!

He is worth his weight in gold for this!

So what are your thoughts? Are you prejudice to color?

Happy trails......


Mrs Mom said...

I'm firmly a member of Frank's Fan Club ;)

Smooch that boy from me girl. And your kids too.

Color prejudice-- girl, I'm an Appy fan. Prejudice was rampant when my old boy was alive, and to this DAY I hear all kinds of derogatory Appy jokes. It.Gets.OLD.

Rocky Mountain Yankee said...

I have an Appy mare, no color prejudice here! I agree with Mrs. Mom, the Appy jokes get old quick.

Anonymous said...

I think Frank is beautiful and i have horses of color also along with the other gals my first horse was a leopard appy and now I am the proud owner of a Grulla and Palomino. M

Reddunappy said...

About 15 years ago, my Mom had her old mare, who was a buttermilk buckskin(no line on her back) to a palomino stud. Low and behold when the colt arrived he had blue eyes??? We had never seen a perlino before!!! (or a cramello dont know exactly which he is) We did a lot of research and found out!! He is beautiful, and no the blue eyes do not cause them any trouble at all! Not knowing if he is a perlino or a creamello for sure, because of his buckskin/palomino parents , oh the genetics in this color are fascinating!! LOL LOL

K. T. Sparks said...

Oh he is pretty and I am going to follow in Mrs. Mom's words exactly! I am an Appy fan, grew up with Appaloosa horses and all the Appy jokes get VERY OLD and I hate it when people do that to you. If it is a good horse and you love it, who cares what color it is.

Rising Rainbow said...

Nope, no color prejudice here. Of course, no dilutes in my breed of choice but I appreciate all good horses regardless of breed or color.

Of course, the Arab jokes get old too. It's too bad that some people have to tear down what other's have to feel good about themselves but it IS their loss.

From a breeding perspective, if I was wanting to produce specifically colored foals I'd be looking for that homozygous match to what I wanted. I think the guarantee of color that goes along with that has helped to subdue some of those prejudices in the last few years. Nothing speaks louder than money/demand to some people. It may be only a start but at least it's that.

Train Wreck said...

Thanks for stopping by! I missed you too:) As far as prejudice HECK NO not when we own a PERLINO too!! lol he is sweet and so clam. He is 2 we just geldeded him. Never a problem, just didn't want a stud. His name is Tonka, (I don't like it) I call him Butter, sweet boy...baby, anythng but Tonka? lol