Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finally a reprieve...

Hi Friends,

I am happy to say I am catching a reprieve. From all the crazy things life has thrown at me so far this year. I am so happy to say my favorite is the reprieve from the blasted winter weather. This week the temperatures have been above normal and that makes me down right Giddy! We had a scare with my elderly Mother in law in Florida and that necessitated a quick trip down there. Work is, I put in for a transfer to the horse dept processing passports, crossing my fingers and hoping I get it!

I actually got a ride in on Sunday afternoon and although it was mushy and wet from the snow melt off, Frank and I had a good time. Tonight I am heading there after work and hope to ride if Frank has not totally muddied himself up. With warm weather the blanket has come off and he has the ability to really get happy in the mud. Hopefully I will not have to spend the entire time cleaning him up and will get a chance to climb up on my buddy for a spin.

Back later with more news!

Happy trails......

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