Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello out there......

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all of the other stuff I missed.

I am here alive and kicking. This has by far been the worst winter of my life so far. was -3 this morning, I am so over it. We have 4 inches of snow on the ground again and NO the fact that this is not a normal winter here in Kentucky does not comfort me. I heard that crap last year.

Frank is doing well, not getting ridden much with the cold weather. When it reaches 30, (which is rare these days) I do go out and saddle him up and take a spin. I must say Frank is on his way to becoming one of my very best horses. I love the fact that he is the same regardless how much or little I ride him. He is a true gentleman. The barn is working out OK, i still prefer having him in my back yard but this is the way it is right now. He has fast become the favorite to all the kids taking lessons at the barn. He really sticks out being the only quarter horse and cream colored at that.

I have been doing a lot of thinking as to what Frank and I will be doing this coming year. I am a little disillusioned with showing, at least in the association I had been showing. When I joined it was all about the all around horse and having fun. Now it seems that you need a specialized horse for each class unless you are happy with the middle of the road. I am looking into starting a new affiliate with another ranch horse association here in Kentucky. I am heading to Memphis next weekend to check it out. The premise is only four classes total and each horse is judged individually in each class. There is a class winner and an all around winner at days end with the averages of the individual classes. I am definitely going to do some trail riding is my true love. In fact I have made reservations for an all girl trip to ........ Eastfork StablesJamestown, Tn for Derby weekend! My bestie Susan has moved to Georgia and I am definitely missing riding with her. She is going to make the trip North and spend four days with me and some other friends. Anyone else want to go???

I will try to be a better blogger this year and get back into sharing my stories with you. I wish you all health, happiness and a good horse to ride into this new year!

Happy trails


Mrs Mom said...

Well WELCOME BACK there Sunshine!!

Been a rough year all over for winter. We'll make it though ;) Least we can take comfort in the fact that our Spring will come sooner than those way up in Tundra Country, right??

Smooch that handsome and adorable Frank from me!!!

Jan said...

I agree with you about winter- this year is shaping up about as bad as last year (here in Virginia also).

I have been reading your blog and awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Congratulations!

From Jan, at A Thousand Pounds of Fragile Horse blog

allhorsestuff said...

Yea, she lives! But I totally understand that comment about it being the worst winter...woo..that is so bad. I mean Carolyn, it's KY...what is with that?!!

I love your photo header...lovely pair you two. He has been such a good horse for you...seems like yeasterday when you were checking him out.
I bet you miss having him in the back...that would be a dream come true for me..someday it will be.

WHAT A PLACE that EASTFORK Stables is!! OH that is one horse vaca you'll have to be carefull NOT to gain weight on! Food sounds as good ad the trails and rides!
Happy too, your bestie girlfriend is joining ya!

Well, you hang in for the Beautiful SPRING that is around the corner(really!)